I really like this guy at work but i think ot may be purely physical because he os so jot my type. The thing is i am also madly in love woth my boyfriend who ive been dating for 13 months. I have no idea why i want to fucl this guy but every time i see him its just likee....??

Jul 19, 2016

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  • Go for it... I had a female coworker that just clicked with from day one. We were originally from the same area, about the same age, and she was an amazing beauty with back-length, jet-black hair that women in the building envied. We'd go to lunch together, pop into each other's offices, and just relate very well.

    Our office had an after-work dinner at a nice restaurant, and she sat next to me (to no one's surprise). The tablecloth partially obscured our legs, so, we started playing around, poking each other, etc..Which became hands on each other's thighs and a bit higher. Was clear what was going on, and to happen after dinner.

    Instead of going home to my then-girlfriend, "Diana" and I went back to her townhouse, had incredible s** for a few hours, then I went home. Did I feel bad? Maybe a little, but, kept in mind...Wasn't married, Diana and I mostly had a physical attraction, and, we were smart enough to know what this was. We did keep it going until she changed jobs and moved to another state. I say if you can have your coworker, do it.

  • Gotta have fun in life...

  • Embrace your inner s***.

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