Oops I did it again

So I smoked crack last night. I'm doing it right now, infact. When I'm done, I'm going to go to sleep. I used to use cocaine every single day, but my nose is ruined in the inside. I get some great stuff, but would have to clean my nose out daily to get anything up there. I use crack a few times a week. I used to dabble in it years ago, but now am a regular user. I'm female, by the way; not that it matters. I would love to have a friend that I could use with, but I find it impossible. Many people freak out when using this drug! The last girl I let in my apartment to use with bugged out badly. She must have been hallucinating because she said in a scared voice "help me." I stood up and she flipped out and screamed and ran towards the door, trying in vain to get out! The door was locked, and I instructed her how to unlock it. Crazy. I do not hallucinate or anything when I use. I've tried to use with men but it is not possible. ALL of them have wanted to have s**! It's very uncomfortable, so I stopped getting high with them! It's lonely using by myself, but I do keep myself entertained. I buy great stuff, so there's no paranoia or anything bad like that. One guy I used with kept telling me that someone was gonna come thru my window! (I'm not on the first floor; far from it)! Strange.. It's no fun to be around people who act in this manner. Sucks. I figure there's tons of drugs out there that are worse than what I use like bath salts! You wouldn't be able to tell that I use because I'm always impeccably dressed and am very clean. The stereotype and stigma of what I use is very bad. Well that's all for now.. Thanks for reading. No judgments, please.. Later!

Jul 25, 2016

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