It's a pretty deep secret . . . . . too deep.

My white husband has no idea that I've fallen out of love with him and fallen madly in love with my black boss. Unfortunately, my black boss doesn't know it either, since I don't have the nerve to tell him or show him. I feel so lost in all this. And I feel really really really stupid.

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  • You know what you're supposed to do ...

    For now, keep thinking about this ...

    In time, an opening may come... Be ready...

  • Oh...............My...............God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those are so beautiful and so warm. I could just feel myself submitting to my boss and melting into him and giving him what these women are giving their men. I can promise you......if either of those sorts of openings come, I will totally be ready to have that happen. Jesus Christ......thank you so much for sharing this love with me. Truly truly wonderful. I am wet from looking at them. I am ready. SOOOOO ready.

  • Http://

    Do something to you? Those big, long, hard, fat d**** pushing inside our poor, defenseless, little p**** do something? See it giggling with a mind of its own? Stretching and throbbing and squirting – does that do something? Make your little p**** get all congested? Make her ooze girl-juice? Make her ache? Does it make you feel cheated? Deprived? A bit hurt to see other girls get stuffed and pounded as you watch a computer screen? That bother you? Make you really, really aware of your femininity? I hope so. Because it’s SUPPOSED to. THAT’S supposed to MOTIVATE you. And it does…

    I bet it makes you want to see more, you poor thing! Doesn’t it.

  • It MAKES you feel submissive … It convinces you that you’re SUPPOSED to be available to this man to do this… That Nature INTENDS for you to do this… That it PREPARES your body to receive …AND … worship

    And you’re ABSOLUTELY POWERLESS NOT to feel that way! Can you say it’s a lie? I think you can’t. I think you must admit that just reading my words MAKES you feel that you have NEVER heard ANYTHING MORE TRUE in your entire life. Say that I’m right. Type it in the data entry window. Hit the post button. MY GOD! Can you believe how BRAZEN it makes you feel to be saying such things to a stranger on the internet! Don’t you just LOVE it?

    Seriously – how hard can it be? I think you’re a bit excited to hear that this is the natural order of things. Am I right?

  • Aren’t you even a little bit resentful when you see what other girls get?

    Here’s the thing: you can stew in your own juices and hope that ‘those sorts of openings come’ and promise to ‘totally be ready.’ Yes. You can do that. You can sit and stew and hope and sit and stew and hope for years!

    OR, you can be proactive. You can take responsibility for your own satisfaction. Because it seems pretty clear you’re running a deficit of satisfaction now. Aren’t you. SO…

  • You can prepare yourself, train your mind, do long-term study and develop a strategy. You can study the art of seduction and become masterful in it. Imagine keeping notes and building up a personality/psychological profile over 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months. Imagine studying him in many situations, around many people [including women], learning how he responds to/handles stress, likes/dislikes, what intrigues/puts_off/excites/irritates [etc.] him. Study him in his highs and lows. Learn about his relationships with everyone around him. Know what he respects and what disgusts him. Get his sense of humor down cold. Make a point to ‘know’ him better than his wife. Imagine using your growing knowledge of all such things to learn to ignite your desire. Imagine reviewing studying that profile just before going into the office Christmas party. Imagine recording all your observations to make your profile ever more complete/accurate.

  • Moreover, imagine a self-correcting system by which you work with a coach to plan specific actions, and then add responses to the growing repository of knowledge.

    I tell you these things because nothing ‘just happens’ or ‘just comes.’

    You neither want nor can you afford to ‘tip your hand.’ But you can go a LONG way positioning yourself in order to use your wiles to their very best advantage. So it rather comes down to whether you want a hot fantasy or the reality.

    You decide.

  • I’ve tried writing you three times before this and each time the site either refused to let me post it or just ate it up without displaying it. So, I’ll try to be more brief. I can’t imagine how you could possibly know so much about me, since we’ve never met. You know me better than my husband does, better than any of my girlfriends do, and I don’t know how. The images you have sent make me dizzy; I never knew such love or beauty existed in the world. All those white wives, kneeling before their masterful and perfect black lovers. Or taking them inside. The last video was the best, because it was wonderful on its own, but also because it showed how well you know me. Your words have come straight from my most private thoughts; from my heart and soul. But that video comes from my womb. No one knows that I want my black boss so badly and so completely that I want his babies. Yes, the plural is intended. Go back and look at that video again. The two of them aren’t just having s**; they are making love. And she is milking every drop of his love from his black p****, by using her v***** to accomplish it. Look at her. Look at what she’s doing. That’s me doing that to my black boss. I want to milk his love and have his black babies. Somehow you knew that, especially the milking. Milking. God. Oh my God. Milking. Look at her. Just look. She is draining every drop from his huge black b****, and pulling it into her white body. Because she loves him. I will write more later, but for now, please just go back and look again at that beautiful video, and then explain how you knew that was what I want. She is me. How did you know how much I want that same thing in my life? And in my womb? How?

  • Another example how big black c*** seduces white wives. It is one of the best experiences you will have so enjoy.

  • ^So true^. It may look to you like he's not interested in you, but he's really seducing you, making you want him, making you uneasy, making you h****, making you think he doesn't care, making you crazy. But what he's doing is misdirection. Once you show interest in him, once you tip your hand, he's going to be all over you. But more importantly........he's going to be all IN you. And then your life will be complete. And you will be his property. Get ready. It's going to happen.

  • You feel stupid because you are stupid. Why did you allow this to happen?

  • Honestly, it wasn't something I "allowed": it just happened by nature. I don't know why. It wasn't like I was unhappy in my marriage; quite the contrary. I've never strayed from my husband or broken any vows. And even though I've not technically broken any vows here, I certainly am violating the spirit of several of them, because I think about my boss in extremely adulterous ways and want to commit frequent (and perverse) adultery with him. It's a mess, but fortunately it's a mess that nobody knows about. At least so far.

  • Why not offer up some more details. Perhaps someone will have an idea...

  • It's not very unusual. My boss got transferred to our office from an office in another state about almost a year ago. I started having feelings for him from the first day we met. They were feelings of love from right at the beginning, because he is so strong and smart and fit and soooooo dark. And he is such a gentleman and a man of faith, all of which I admire. Almost from the start I had sexual feelings for him too, and now I fantasize about how he would do me, how dominant and controlling he would be, and how hung he is. (I can see in certain pants he wears that his c*** is HUGE!) He's always very appropriate with all the women in the office, with no hint of impropriety, and he's a devoted husband and father. All I can tell you is that, while I do want him f****** me constantly (and powerfully), the feelings are more than that, and I would love to be his wife. Of course, I would also willingly be his lover or his mistress, and I would even happily be his w****. He could have anything he wants with me, and he could do anything he wants to me. Thanks for asking.

  • N***** lover.

  • Yes, I am in love with him. But I really hate that ugly word.

  • Have a fling

  • I would love to do exactly that. I just don't even have the nerve to even flirt with the man. I freeze up.

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