My wife's lover is messing with my mind

That I don't know how to stop this sexual urge I have developed. I have recently been "forced" to subdue to my wife's boyfriend or lover in ways I did not intent to ever venture on. I am a straight guy, been all my wife, never looked at a man and felt attracted to him, always women, always p****. Now with this guy, he's got a pretty nice looking c***, and while i wasn't attracted to it I felt awe or respect in a way, pretty common cuckold stuff I suppose, but that isn't all I feel for it anymore and this is why,

I had been stuck in chastity for 2 months per HIS request. He has spent the night at our house at least twice a week since and has f***** my wife in every single place imaginable and I have been forced to watch them each time.

3 weeks ago he had my wife "milk" me using a d**** modeled after his own c***. It felt good but embarrassing.

Then 2 weeks ago he comes by while my wife was out, he begins to talk to me and finally asks me if I wanted to c** tonight, I thought with my wife but didnt ask how, so he then said how he likes my wife a lot and that begins to explain all the sexual stuff he enjoys about her, which i get jealous hearing about.

We are both sitting in the living room and he begins to play with his c*** under his shorts and begins to get semi hard which i found odd since my wife wasnt around but thought maybe he was just h****.

then he takes a pipe out of his shorts and crystal looking pieces and tells me to smoke it. I asked what it was and he said s** enhancing drugs.

I lit the lighter and melted the crystal pieces inside the glass pipe, I heard crackling and inhaled this somewhat tasteless, odorless vapor. Immediately my d*** wants to get hard but it cant due to the chastity device, instead i let out loads of precum. He notices how my shorts are wet due to the precum and asks me if i was h****, I said i felt amazing to which he replied good and took off his shorts.

His large brown c*** sprung up and. It had never looked as good as it did now. His head was thick bulgy and even fully erected was covered halfway by his skin. His b**** were nice and big. I couldnt stop myself and began to suck on it and sucked him for an hour until he came. I swallowed his load and during that hour I managed with cage and all c** 3 times sucking on his amazing c***.

My wife doesnt know, I think she would find me disgusting. I miss her body but ever since that day when given the choice i choose to suck him for hours than f*** her for minutes. :(

Jul 25, 2016

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  • Your wife has kept you locked in chastity because she doesnt want to have s** with you any more.She loves to make you watch her and her boyfriend f*** because she knows how h**** you are and is punishing you by not allowing you to c** at all.She knows that by keeping you locked up long enough you will eventually get so h**** that you will turn gay and have s** with another man just for some form of relief. You need to confess everything to her right now,Weather or not she gets mad at you is unknown till you tell her but she is not going to release you from your c*** cage. As long as her boyfriend is able to f*** her when ever she wants and is satisfying her she wont care if her sissy husband is taking care of her mens needs when she is not able to. You dont have to tell her anything but he will make you suck his c*** more and more and will f*** your sissy ass very soon.You will willingly become his little b**** and eventually she will either catch you having s** with her man or he will tell on you,and getting caught is a lot worse than confessing to her. Worse case,,she gets mad at you for having s** with her man .If she gets really mad about it she will get rid of you and tell all your friends that it is because you like to suck c*** .If you tell her soon and she does get mad you have the chance to fix it and promise mot to suck his c*** any more.If she goes for that you can ask them to invite his friends over to make you their sissy f*** toy

  • Lucky b******!

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