Naughty neighbor

When I was 14 our neighbor invited me over for some pop and I accepted for it was hot out and I was sun bathing in my new string bikini and I wanted him to give me impression on how I looked in it and all he did was stare and whistle came to me and untied my top letting it fall to the floor and I covered myself and he told me to drop my arms cuz he wanted to see just what I had. Yea right 34B kinda small but he said otherwise and he cupped my b****** and started in playing with my nipples making them hard and tingly then he took one nipple into his mouth and began sucking on me and I cupped his head holding him to my t** and he said you like that huh? I answered yesss ss and he moved to the other and his hands went to my hips and untied my bottoms and they to fell to the floor but by now I was his to do with what he wanted and he began to play with my v***** and c***. Before long he was fingering me making me squirm on his fingers and I didn't know but he slipped out of his shorts and began to rug himself against my belly, my ass and I felt his c*** grow and grow and I wanted him like I said I was his to do with what he wanted and he took me on the kitchen table, then onto the floor, laying across the ottoman in the den, on the fur rug in the living room and we ended up in his bed upstairs and I looked out the window and I looked right into my room and when he saw me looking he said yes I have4 been watching you for 3 years now, watching you m********* in your bed and I have been waiting for this moment for better than two years now you got me for good and he began f****** me all over again and again and again and I was starting to get sore so he turned me over and started in with my ass and I swear the feelings in my p**** were great but my ass, WOW super fantastic and I was loving him f*** my ass with his 7 incher and f*** me hi did for what seemed like hours c****** in me several times. Then he collapsed upon my back rolling to my side and pulling me with him so I ended up on top of him and his c*** hasn't gone totally down yet so I mounted him and began to f*** him and grinding my pelvic against his I went wild and started in f****** him the way he f***** me to start with that's when I had my first o***** and I screamed loudly and he put his lips over my mouth to keep me somewhat quiet but when he took my nipples between his fingers and mouth he kept me going till he finally went limp and fell out of me and I must have had a very sour full look of disappointment on my face and he said I could come over anytime and f*** me all I wanted, I bent down and gave him a big kiss right on the lips and he slipped his toung into my mouth and I sucked on it for some time before letting go. BUT I stayed on his c*** for another hour while he massaged my b****** and played with my nipples making me hornier that I already was making me c** on him two more times. I fell asleep on him and he woak me up and I looked at the clock on the wall my god it's almost 11 and I have to get home but he kept me there told me I could go home tomorrow when Mom and Dad went to work and I agreed and we went to sleep only to be woken by him fingering me all over again and he made love to me four more times that night and the last time we came together and he told me I'm special for no gal has done that with him before.
Tomorrow is his 49th birthday and I know what I am going to give him already MEEEEEEEeeeeeeeee


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  • I have that dream too

  • No dream actual happening.

  • Cool fable bro

  • You lying f****** c***

  • I hope it's a true story. Cause it was sweet in a way.

  • Very much true in all respects

  • Totally true in every word

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