Spanked by little boys!

I was babysitting two 12 and 10 year old boys. When their parents left, they said they wanted to play a game, where I'm the robber and their the cops. They told me to pretend to break into the house, so I did. They tackled me and tied my hands infront of me. I laughed then asked them to let me up. "No, you need to be punished." The 10 year old went into a different room for around 5 minutes and I struggled with the rope. The doorbell rang and two other boys came in! One of he boys sat on my legs, facing my ass, and another sat on my back. The other boys sat on either side of me. They then begin to take turns spanking me! I yelled at them to stop, but they just spanked me harder! It didn't hurt as much at first, but then it started to sting. Then, they pulled down my shorts! I was really embarrassed. They began spanking me again! It hurt ALOT more. Then I felt one of the boys grab the waistband of my panties. He pulled them up into wedgie! I begged them to stop, but they just laughed and said they don't listen to robbers! They continued to spank me and wedgie me. Then they stopped and got off me. They told me to sit up. They untied my hands and pulled off my shirt! I started screaming at them to stop, but the tied my hands up again, and pushed me so I was bent over the couch! One of them sat on my back, and wedgied me again, and they started spanking me again! After a while my bottom was very red and it hurt a lot. They hooked my bra through my panties so it stayed wedgied. They took pictures of me and said it I didn't babysit them again they would send it to everyone they knew.

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  • Get help! You need it.

  • Ah the middle aged man's fantasy. I have that dream too. You know the one where you are reincarnated as a naïve teenage girl with small t*** and beautiful legs and just no idea. And you get spanked by the kids you are baby sitting and made to wear a diaper and when the parents come home you are somehow abused and go home with no regrets and do it all again a week later.

    OK so you have this dream but what is the need to pretend it is real.

    So odd.

  • This didn't happen. Your a grown man with a fantasy.

  • ^^^^^ lol

  • Ghcg

  • ????? ^^^^^

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