I confess I like spanking my husband and keeping him in panties. Over the knee is uncomfortable for me. Usually I have him bend over a chair for a spanking. I only use a paddle or hairbrush. The sight of his hiny is a real turn on for me. Then he stands in a corner with one of my d***** in him. If it slips out we begin again.

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  • My wife spanked me & has admitted that she loves the feeling of power. It is a massive stress reliever for her too.

  • After admitting that wearing girly clothes turns me on, when I do it my wife started hiring a male escort to come around and spank me over his knees, one time it was one of her work colleagues, she charges it to my credit card. she thinks it will cure me. it really wont.

  • My wife caught me wearing her panties next thing I know I’m over her knee and she’s spanking my ass with a wooden spoon. She said if I want to wear her panties that’s fine but I have wear a bra too. Now I get weekly spankings so I don’t forget to wear both.

  • I can’t get my wife to spank me. She lays out the panties and bra she wants me to wear everyday and sometimes a butt plug. Sometimes I’ll wear something different hoping she’ll punish me with a spanking but no luck.

  • At least she's good with you wearing panties--and the butt plug may be a pre-cursor to something she has in mind--be patient.

  • My wife sets the rules and I am expected to follow them. Any offense and I am given a punishment spanking. I go over her knees and she spanks with a large wooden paddle. Afterwards I stand in the corner with a very red bottom until she tells me I can leave.

  • Like you my wife also sets the rules and puts me over her knee and uses the hairbrush till am hollering like a bad little boy. The only thing she spanks me in front of my mother her sister my sister and her mom. Oh is so embarrassing knowing that they watch me pants down begging for my wife to stop

  • Like you wife spanks me for discipline. Usually otk bare with brush. She spanks me in fornt of my step mom , her gf and really doesn't care whos around if i deserve then i get

  • My wife sends me to the bedroom like a 10 year old for a spanking I have to strip down to my underwear and wait on the bed till she comes in she puts me in the corner while she sits the chair and hairbrush in the middle of the room I have to stand in front of her while she softly scolds me She most always puts me over her knee and the spanking starts it is long and hard when she is through I am a mess she hugs me and puts me back in the corner so I can thing about what happened .

  • Whats with the panties thing and this wife dominant thing. My wife is 100% in charge. She whips me and totally controls our s** life. She teases and strokes me and only lets me c** occasionally and has me lick her and touch her to o*****.

    To both of us there is a strength in femininity. There is a visual sexiness in womens clothes. There is the power of female.

    What do men have. Men are physically strong. They are good at task focussed jobs. And especially good at task focussed jobs that require strength like digging holes.

  • Just found this site...wonderful post. My late wife spanked me, put me in the corner, and kept me in panties and I miss the love and attention she gave me to help me be a better husband. Although she's gone, I still wear panties every day to remind me of her and our loving relationship. *blush* bras, too, by the way. Thanks for confessing this!

  • Very sorry for your loss but I do think you are over due a very hard spanking for wearing panties

  • Sorry for your loss but I am spanked by my wife in panties and get the whole 'naughty boy' treatment. Long may it continue.

  • My wife also punishes me if she thinks I deserve it. It is always over her knee, hairbrush until I am very red bottomed, then corner time. She often then puts me to bed even if it is quite early.
    She doesn't cross dress me but treats me as a little boy. So I am often made to wear schoolboy short trousers or, occasionally, a onesie like toddlers wear.
    She is strict but fair

  • I embarrassed my wife in the paint dept of Home Depot . She was wearing an arm sling for an arm fracture. So I was pretty Cocky because she injured her spankings arm.! When she asked my opinion of certain color , I answered : loudly “ I DON’T GIVE A F#%&” in front of the paint lady! My wife was livid !!! She made me write 1000 times “..I must never ,ever ever , embarrass my wife in Home Depot again” There would be “Zero S** for me until all 1000 lines are turned in ! It was 40 pages at 25 Lines per page. It took almost 4 days to finish them !I had to put them in a presentation folder . My wife then showed the lines to the paint lady at Home Depot and then I had to apologize for my foul mouth to the lady who looked at my wife with admiration! Disgraziato

  • Punishment spankings from my wife are 2/40 swat sessions with the bath brush with an hour of corner time in between. That 2nd session after hour on an already scorched bottom is unbearable! I’m crying like a baby during and after the spanking. My wife says punishment spankings are for punishment and certainly not to be enjoyed!

  • It's the same here. My partner takes me across her knee and spanks me so hard I can't sit down. She also likes me to wear short trousers. Quite often when we go shopping etc., she is wearing long trousers while I am in shorts. We are not the only ones, quite a few couples dress this way.

  • I love my Dominant Wife. i have been submissive to Her from the beginning of our relationship. i wear panties, usually pink and frilly and a jeweled b*** plug, 24/7. In addition at home i wear stockings, heels and a camisole. She spanks me for punishment and has me stand with my red butt on display. Her entire family knows of our relationship is set up, a few of Her friends know also. The attire i mentioned i wear at home, i wear when these people visit and i am their maid and servant. my Wife has spanked me in front of all of these people at least once.

  • My girlfriend and I both find spanking very erotic. Before we met, she had no experience of it, but she very soon found that spanking me turns her on. One of her favorite phrases when we are in the bedroom is "Get over my knee, boy!"

  • She reminds me of my cousin Belinda 5 years my senior. Well built (5ft 4,130 lbs) like a Cheerleader. Her 38-23-38 figure gets my attention over her lap Mini Skirt & All! When over her house,I know my ass is her Target Over Her Lap for tonite and anytime Im over there. Once in awhile,Aunt LaDonna may get into the spanking act for the thrill of it.

  • My wife spanks me because I find it very erotic. It is not power play or punishment. It has gone on for thirty years and she or I never tire of it. That's my guilty secret.

  • At home I keep my hubby in panties and skirts. He’s kept hairless and must drop his panties for inspection when I ask. Often I’ll have inspection when one or two longtime girlfriends are present.
    If he fails inspection, he lifts his skirt and bends over the back of a chair. We take hiscpanties off and take turns using a long handle bath brush on his buns. When we finish, he holds his skirt up while in a corner.

  • Where is home?

  • I would love that

  • Lucky gay

  • I am spanked by wife and anybody else she lets spank me. I admit I am a naughty little boy and a sissy boy. I do naughty little boy things a sissy boy things so that I deserve no nonsense bare bottom spankings. Spanking meant to teach a lesson, to shame and humiliate. 1000 swats is sometimes needed for proper punishment. and yes I am her cuckold and locked in chastity.....as it should be

  • Her sisters now know everything and have seen everything. But what really gets me excited is my mother inlaw knows and I get bare bottom paddling from her in front of her friends. They laugh at my pink panties and being locked in chastity. Mother inlaw has a friend and HE has a farm with a woodshed. What I need, a big strong man with a leather strap to give me a the spanking I have needed, deserved and wanted for many years.

  • I feel your pain Pal! I remember when I was 11 and my Mom,3 of my Aunties,2 older girl cousins were at the house. I have the nerve as they were going up stairs,I try to peek up their dress or skirt,got caught by one of them. Mom was enrage said,"Looking up our dresses eh? You Naughty boy! You going to get the Spanking of your life!" All of them took turns having me Over Their Lap! Mom of course lead off with 100,the Aunts and Cousins 50 each. All the ladies were having a field day wearing my butt up! The good thing was I did got my Rock H******. Even over Moms lap with my c*** rubbing across her nylon stockings feeling good. The others as well across their laps. Once they left,Mom decided to get my across her lap saying,"You love it when we Spank you boy getting Hard? Well get Hard again so I can whoop you some more! Since you love being over my lap,I'll whack you twice as much so wont sit for a month!" I got spanked and from Mom to my Wife of 18 years Im Loving it sore ass n all!

  • My wife started spanking me before we were married. My mother actually taught her how. I am made to stand in a corner naked which is visable from our front door after my spanking so many people have seen me naked. Most of the time I don't have to look at them but I know they are starring at my red bottom.

  • My mother put me over her knee and using the family heirloom hairbrush and gave me a bare bottom spanking in front of my soon to be wife. I was pleading for her to stop but as normal she kept it up till she was satisfied I was then marched to the corner for an hour with my very red bottom on display My mother then explained how all the women in our family wore the pants and all the men are subject to over the knee spankings. Its a sound family tradition. I have since paid the price for misbehaving feeling my wifes own personal hairbrush and have been well spanked in front of others

  • Very lucky you are

  • WOW

  • My husband is also spanked by some of my friends. He bends over a chair and spreads his legs. We then take turns spanking his bare cheeks with a hairbrush. Sometimes we finishcwith one of his belts. Then we leave him bare in a corner

  • I spank my hubby and a close friend knows. She drops hints about watching. Reading your post I’ll invite her over this weekend

  • My wife's friend told her she would like to see her spank me ,I sure hope not

  • Wow--you're a lucky guy--nothing more of a turn on than being humiliated in front of a 3rd party.

  • That's a good idea! My girlfriend and I have met two or three other couples where the woman spanks her partner and they all agree that it has improved their relationship. The more popular it becomes the better.

  • When I was in college I did escorting for a short while. I remember one guy who paid me to whip him. He was naked and I whipped his back, butt and thighs as hard as I could. I must have given him about 40 lashes. He actually had an erection even though he was covered in whip marks, some of which had drawn blood. It takes all sorts I guess!

  • My Wife spanks me with belts, paddles or canes and has me stand naked in the corner with my red butt on display, She often has Her friends stop by after a spanking. I am made to wear panties everyday, usually pink and frilly or with flower prints even to the doctor. When my Wife has Her friends over, I serve then wearing panties, stockings, camisole, heels and a pink collar.

  • Yes

  • I get a good spanking for asking to be free from chastity

  • I get the sane treatment except no cane. When they finish, the put an enema hose in me. The warning is keep it in or you’ll get an enema. I keep it in.

  • This is good. Never though of the enema hose
    Do you ever give him an enema?

  • My wife does the same thing but only with a hairbrush or paddle.

  • I am really glad to hear you do. Mother taught me I was born like every female baby more advanced. I picked my male partner with the help of both my parents. After I had my pigeon pair a girl and a boy babies, my husband and I picked a young female lover for me who was looking for a sperm donor. The three of us were quiet happy for a while, using the studded paddle which was in plane view to keep hubby in line. Often when we had friends over with husbands that could not believe that this was right. Some are still friends after my female partner found one of her own. We still keep in touch.

  • I know exactly what your husband is going through my wife also makes me wear panties bras hose and dresses she also keeps me shaved I am not only punished by her but by her friends too
    There is nothing more embarrassing than having a woman you barely know put your across her lap pull up your skirt pull your panties down and punish you

  • Dude. Thats abuse. Report! REPORT NOW

  • Lovely .... if i could suggest, you should have a few of your girlfriends over one night, with all of you nicely dressed in your pretty dresses, and give them all a delightful surprise (and him!) by spanking him bare bottom in front of them

  • Thats horrible!

  • This is what my wife does to me

  • Talk to her and get her to stop

  • Divorce her

  • I keep my guy more crossdressed, and he has his own spike heel pumps. I paddle his ass with a ping pong paddle. He has to do housework in a bra, thong and heels. When he's naughty [often] I make him stand in the corner, d**** in his butt, c***-gag in his mouth and MY spike heels, which are a size and a half too small.

  • Hot I need that to

  • Damn that’s hot

  • You are abusing him! Quit! He should report you

  • As a guy who craves that type of humiliation--he LOVES IT!!!

  • I also get spanked by my wife and wear panties. several people know, including my doctor who saw my freshly spanked bottom during a routine exam

  • I’ve also been sent to the doctor, a woman, in panties. I get undressed but I’m in panties while her assistant takes info, blood etc. Then the doctor says please step out of your panties.

  • My wife would support you completely on this although she likes having me over her knee. I hope she doesn't read this and get the idea of sticking a d**** in my ass though!

  • I'm a submissive man. I actually like it that my wife is so dominating and controlling in the bedroom. It's kind of comforting in a way to know exactly what is required of me. I am also a bit of a m********. So a spanking for me is quite refreshing and very very intimate. Although I do not understand the connection with dressing men as women. I suspect that is a male fantasy.

  • My wife was angry ,ordered to the bedroom,and told to completely undress ,and lay on the bed on my stomach,she then paddled me with 15 hard strokes .she then ordered me to turn over,and gave me 15 more on my front with a sewing machine belt,I was sore both back and front for 3 days,I still love my wife so much,If it gives her pleasure,I will submit to her again

  • My wife is oblivious to my crying and pleas for mercy during her spankings. I overheard her more than once tell a friend “ I just love how he turns pallid , when I tell him to bring the long handled wooden bath brush for his double dosed punishment spankings” !

  • Its mean for shame and embarresement. Some women like it because its funny or entertaining. Or other reasons.

  • What my wife will tell you is that a spanking is effective punishment because it's painful and embarrassing and more of both on my bare bottom. It needs to hurt she'll tell me. She also enjoys watching me squirming and the effect of the paddle on my bare skin. She makes it more embarrassing by putting me in different positions, scolding me and giving me corner time. Using wooden paddles, spoons, belts, straps and switches making it very painful. I have on occasion been spanked in front of one of her good friends which is much more embarrassing. But of course the whole experience is embarrassing and has been a regular thing for the last 27 years.

  • For yrs I thought I was the only one wearing pantys and getting spanked by my wife

  • Me too

  • Nice. Wish I could be dominate, but I'm as submissive as they come lol.

  • Somehow i detect a little male fantasizing

  • Ikr

  • I get spanked because I ask my wife to do it. Nothing effeminate or dominating. I just like it because I do.

  • I love you said! My Wife been Spanking me spanning 4 Decades. I enjoy when Orders me Over My Lap,on the Lace of my Slip(sometimes she'll be wearing her Girdle on under her slip if Im going to get at least 100 or more Whacks),Lace Top Thi-Hi Stockings! Its always a even trade of leveling the playing field. I have the enjoyment of a field day tearing up sexualy making her Moan,Holler,and Scream! She return the favor Spanking me with Best Shots! Firing my Buttocks away! Keeping my H****** Errection across her thighs. All 5ft 1in 125lbs 40-24-38,age early Sixties & both Loving it!

  • Thats right on dude! Im with you on that type of spanking Over Her Lap. When my Wife gets angry at me likr Wilma do Fred,I know what that means: Its Butt Whooping Time! I submit myself Over Her Lap and the patern goes:"Pow Pow Kapow!" xs40!

  • Me too. It is a great turn on for both of us.

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