I confess I like spanking my husband and keeping him in panties. Over the knee is uncomfortable for me. Usually I have him bend over a chair for a spanking. I only use a paddle or hairbrush. The sight of his hiny is a real turn on for me. Then he stands in a corner with one of my d***** in him. If it slips out we begin again.

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  • I know exactly what your husband is going through my wife also makes me wear panties bras hose and dresses she also keeps me shaved I am not only punished by her but by her friends too
    There is nothing more embarrassing than having a woman you barely know put your across her lap pull up your skirt pull your panties down and punish you

  • Lovely .... if i could suggest, you should have a few of your girlfriends over one night, with all of you nicely dressed in your pretty dresses, and give them all a delightful surprise (and him!) by spanking him bare bottom in front of them

  • This is what my wife does to me

  • I keep my guy more crossdressed, and he has his own spike heel pumps. I paddle his ass with a ping pong paddle. He has to do housework in a bra, thong and heels. When he's naughty [often] I make him stand in the corner, d**** in his butt, c***-gag in his mouth and MY spike heels, which are a size and a half too small.

  • I also get spanked by my wife and wear panties. several people know, including my doctor who saw my freshly spanked bottom during a routine exam

  • My wife would support you completely on this although she likes having me over her knee. I hope she doesn't read this and get the idea of sticking a d**** in my ass though!

  • I'm a submissive man. I actually like it that my wife is so dominating and controlling in the bedroom. It's kind of comforting in a way to know exactly what is required of me. I am also a bit of a m********. So a spanking for me is quite refreshing and very very intimate. Although I do not understand the connection with dressing men as women. I suspect that is a male fantasy.

  • For yrs I thought I was the only one wearing pantys and getting spanked by my wife

  • Me too

  • Nice. Wish I could be dominate, but I'm as submissive as they come lol.

  • Somehow i detect a little male fantasizing

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