Don't Trust or fallen in love with a bi-curious

Well heres my confess or get this off my chest. This dude who everyone thought he's straight is so wrong. And guess what I met him on grindr and if you don't know what is a grindr. Its an app were gay men find other gay men. I was in shock when I saw him there. I message him and we start taking and yeah we had our fun. But guess what now I lurk on him and he's taking/ in love with this girl and Now Im p***** and I want to out him. But I understand that he's not ready and i wouldn't do that but i wish he would tell me that so I won't be that invested to him but oh well if he tires to get to me i have the screen shots.
Gay guys who are under 18 and know they are gay don't go to bi curious if you are in high school bc all they want is s** or anything involve with a dude so it was my stupid fault to fallen for him and like him

Jul 27, 2016

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  • I agree keep away from f***** r half f***** real men only want p****

  • Although you suspect he is bi-and you might be right.
    I am straight but use a site where there are straight/gay and bi of both sexes.
    Its mostly being curious and does not always suggest a person is bi or gay.

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