Highschool Crush

So there was this guy in my high school and I had the biggest crush on him. One day I kinda over heard him talking to his friends and said how he liked me and thought I was cute. I kept telling my self to go and talk to him but I never did:/ I was super shy and highschool so I never took the chance to talk to him and I really regret it.
Now 2 years later I'm still kinda quite and I've still never had a bf, which I blame my social awkwardness for that. Recently I was scrolling through my insta when I seen a pic of him(my school crush) and honestly I had the biggest smile on my face but I felt sad as well cause 1.he wasn't tagged in the photo so idk if he has an account and 2.he probably has a gf since he's super cute.
I'm really tempted to add his friend so in hopes I can see if he's available. I know that sounds a tad bit stalker-ish but idk...Any advice?

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  • Yo homie! What did his friend say!!!!

  • Soooooo 19...that means your dreams haven't been crushed yet and life hasn't came full force.....(sighs).....so you email dude so you can get the ball rolling? Don't be lame, Be confident, Be collect, act like not much phases you. I need to ask you something? Are you going to college? Is he going to colllege, are they in separate city's. Not trying to get personal but are you trying to see this dude or just fool around. Lol like I'm trying to get you prepared if he ends up wanting to hang out. Every guy is different and sad to say you never know, He could be a creeper. Btw...no one can say "Hi, Brett?" God that would have been nice.

  • I am in college and I know for sure that he doesn't go there. But I think I'm going to take everyone's advise and add his friend and kinda just work my way on asking how the guy that I thought was cute how he's doing. Wish me luck!!

  • Lol your funny, God my days been so productive, help teens out bahaha. K first off all the messages are from me. Like except 4. There not from different people: good luck though

  • Oh...well than thank you for all of your advice:)

  • There's nothing at all wrong with getting over your social anxiety, especially while you're young. Here's a message to everyone: rejection isn't the worst experience you will experience. Seriously it's not so bad. In fact it's necessary. Or if you think that what you may say will come out stupid sounding, just listen to the conversations around you and how asinine they sound. You'll never sound worse than my coworkers talking for five full days eight hours continuous about pokemon like they discovered gold. So just go smile and say hi. To your crush, to a passersby on the street, to the cashier at your store. Think of it this way. We're at the boutique looking for ze bezzt in men'z clothzing, and your crush is over there just a few feet away with his buddy, looking over a couple pairs of parachute pants. He's poppin and lockin, ice col' bro gonna bus' out the Electric Boogaloo with his crew. What's he and his buddy talking about? Let's duck behind the track suits and listen. "Hey buddy, that who always stares at you is over there." "Yeah? What's she doing? " "Hiding." "Yikes! Let's get outta here." Moral of the story, if you really need it spelled out. It's respectful to say hi. Fortune favors the brave!

  • Haha will do, I'm honestly really surprised at the advice all of you are giving me!!:)

  • Jesus Christ? You didn't just say all that, I'm seriously laughing so hard, but whoever this is they are right. Honestly I don't have much time at this moment in my life like I said. My biggest regret is going to be dieing alone, and not being more social. The worst that can happen is you get made fun of like this person did for their out of era references....I had to goggle electric boogaloo.....mind blown??. They are right though, I wish I could have told my self sooner not to care what people thought and be myself. And truly understood it..you seem like a sweet girl and we'll get you this dude. He better be respectable though and not like my dumb ass. Lol ?????? F PANDA's!!!!!!


  • If you can't make your point without 1980s break dancing references, existence is meaninless.

  • (speechless ??)...honestly I'm smh because you have to be.....you have to be theeeee COOOOOLEST PERSON I KNOW!!! lol as a species we would be lost without breakdancing references. If I could do that s*** I would be doing it everyday and I'm fit but I can't do that stuff..can you? Wanta Breakdance together? Anyways girl, whatever your name is, keep me up to date. Post back on here so my life can have meaning

  • Oh I just thought you'd like the idea of your crush doing a headspin to the Rev'rund Run while his crew stand around shouting in 80's slang. "Ice cold, bro!" "Ah he bitin!" "Like gag me with a spoon!" You could wear a clock around your neck. Or leave your hightops as unlaced as you can. Far out!

  • Haha ok for sure!!:)

  • ......(smh)this is Brett again, and I wrote that comment about 80's reference, but that's besides the point, If it's ok with you I was gonna ask someone I know what they're opion may be? If that's ok with you?

  • Lame......no emoji's ^_^

  • Thank you guys for all of your advice!!!:)

  • Life's too short, I say make a move,what do you have to lose. I'm 26 with kidney failure and have never found the right girl, Should be dead in 3 months due to the fact I won't get a transplant; sometimes things are meant to happen. But you being shy isn't one of them

  • It's her crushes friend that she was going to add, like I said in my three too many post earlier, just be confident, you'll be good. Add him and ask about your crush. Be subtle

  • Hey lots of people added me on Facebook long after we were out of highschool. Even people that never talked to me while we were in highschool. I think it would be ok to add him. He has a choice to decline. Maybe if he is single you can message and say hello. No harm done. If he is taken you just quietly move on.

  • I'm not trying to be rude but, does this guy know who you are? Depending if he does or doesn't improves your chances

  • Yes and no. I had a few classes with him in highschool and I think we said hi to each other once.

  • I had the biggest crush on this girl named Ashley, beautiful..I mean this is the kind of girl you take to McDonald's and say "get anything you want on the dollar menu"....bahahaha no no joking but damn she was cute, always used to hit on me, oh well. Well I'm goin guess your 21 to 23, so your shyness has resulted in you pulling some " hi" to the guy you like and then you giggle and run away. Right? Well let's focus on his friend. Btw don't ever tell people your name on here. Like my names Brett, and the only reason I tell all you fuckas my name is cause idgaf!!!! Lol random god alright sorry got excited there, so just add him on snapchat or Instagram, or the 100 over social networking apps ya children's use . Don't be overwhelmed and just say, Hey, you look familiar, we went to that one high school right? Lol in your own words, just don't be like DAMN!!!!! LET ME GET AT YO FRIEND, S*** I be Cupid in diZ b****!!!!!!

  • Hahaha well I'm 19 going to be 20 next month. But I'll take your advice into consideration:)

  • K so you haven't had any boyfriends?

  • Nope:/ is that lame?

  • Read what my dumbass wrote uptown just say , Hey, you look familiar? We know each other? and then get back to me

  • Will do!!:)

  • I have some

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