Happy birthday to me...

Its my birthday today. I'm 29. I got a text off my father at 3am saying happy birthday and one off my sister and off my boyfriend (who I haven't seen in a week) and that's it. Everybody forgot. Nobody cares

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  • This is not uncommon. Get used to it and also get used to people saying that adults don't care, then turn right around and throw a party for someone who isnt you, because people are disgusting hypocrites

  • Happy birthday!

  • Happy belated birthday! I know how that goes shame on your boyfriend it doesn't take much to show you care. *hugs* sorry your birthday was a bust!

  • Love is strange. To be a part of a family.

    I would love you

  • Happy Birthday - Jesus loves you!

  • Did he get OP a cake? Didn't think so.

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