Shootings of late

What's going on with us? Why have we let our way of lives be controlled by weapons with only one purpose, to kill.

Some of you will say, kill or be killed... end result, DEATH!

USA is a country obsessed at death and killing. The rights to weapons is in the constitution but seeing so many deaths as a result now and previously is never enough to justify change. Seeing SO many people die is never enough. Our families, friends and neighbours dead is not enough to justify change.

We are blind to seeing what other countries have done to save lives, yet we still want more death in our communities.

Every incident is a isolated incident and the weapons are not to blame for it. Every incident is mental health related and we all know how devestating this issue is, but we still want people to buy weapons.

We want more deaths! More Death! Mass muder will still never be enough! We want more death! Kill and say you have mental health issues and the judge will say, you'll be right. But go do it again or ask your friends to do it.

Why do we not learn from our mistakes, why do we not understand death is something no one wishes upon one amothrr, why do we not care about bodies put into the ground will never rise up and talk, walk, laugh with their loved ones anymore!

Answer: not enough death, we want more........

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  • Violence in the USA is very localised into certain, shall we say, 'demographics'. The 'demographic majority' of Americans, statistically, have a similar rate of gun violence comparable to most other developed nations.

    Well conditioned people say demographics doesn't matter. The evidence suggests otherwise. The problem persists because the solution goes against their sentiments and cannot face reality. They're in denial.

  • America has two problems :
    Guns and racism both ways.
    1/ You don't need to carry guns to defend yourself.
    If you carry a gun , the only thing that ensures is that all criminals will carry guns.
    Material possessions should be insured and can be replaced.
    A life cannot be replaced.
    Better to lose your possessions and have insurance replace them than lose your one life.

    2/ Racism :- All people are born equal, people 's attitudes create inequality.
    Skim colour is irrelevant.
    You Americans need to talk to and respect each other and talk rather than fight.
    Diplomacy is the only way forward.
    Hard now to do given America's long history but your Mr.Biden now needs to make firearms illegal and the people of America need to start talking to each other . It's a long road but the only way to reduce the killings.

  • Democrats agenda terrorists from other countries need to go back to trumps agenda safer and secure America

  • The problem is that white people don't want to talk to other kind of people. No, they just want to shut they ** up. Guns supposed be last resort, but nowdays, they pull they guns first thing . . . . . saying, "i'll just shut that ** up my ** self!!!" Georgia, Colorado, New York, Virginia, it don't matter for ** no more!! Start shooting, trying to shut that ** UP!!!! It's white **!!

  • Why should white people talk to other kind of people?. No other race does either. In fact, white societies are host to more non-white populations than non-white societies host whites. Non-whites are more violent and abusive to whites than whites are to non-whites.

    If ANY race is the 'victim' of racism, it's whites.

    If you want to make it about race, that's fine. But you'll end up regretting it. Anti-white racism is based on lies.

  • You are a dumb fuc k race is not even at play here

  • Guns do not kill people, people kill people!!
    Go to Chicago, Illinois. They have more gun control laws than anywhere and they have shootings constantly. It never stops so they have more laws and as a result they still have more shootings.
    You must teach people that they Must Respect Each Other and not pull out a gun to stop what ever the problem is.
    Knives hurt more people than guns but nobody talks about knife control!!
    It is simple if you respect other people then you will find that you can disagree with out violence.
    Life is not a video game and you are responsible for your actions.
    Your actions have reactions and you must pay the price for your mistakes.
    Many people have carries guns for a long time and never fired a shot out side of the gun range.
    Respect life and others that disagree with you, it is not that hard!!!!!!

  • Knives kill way more people than guns do. Bad people own guns and they will get their hands on them. Chicago is a gun control state, doesn’t stop the weekend massacres. If Colorado was a concealed carry state, chances are someone in the store would have been able to react to the first shots.

  • When the People fear the Government you have tyranny.
    When the Government fears the People you have Freedom.

    Disarming the citizens is control that will certainly lead to Tyranny!

    Look back in history ... Hitler took the guns away ... Fidel Castro took the guns away and many more. That is why there is a 2nd amendment.

  • The UK Government introduced strict gun control laws in the mid-90s. During the late-90s it introduced hate speech laws.

    When you lose gun rights, you lose freedom of speech too.

  • So you're saying the prime examples set by Australia and New Zealand doesn't work?

    Both removed guns successfully. Only the USA got no ** to make the hard decision.

    I like, I like. Go kill eachother off, makes the world a better place without you people. Oh while you're at it, rally your troops and kill everyone in governmnet so they can't start your tyranny ypu so much fear.

  • I concur!!!!!!

  • Guns are for defending against the Government.


    The government has TANKS!!!

  • The more powerful the weapon system the fewer of them there are. They don't have enough tanks or attack helicopters to counter the power of public gun ownership.

    If owning guns didn't matter, they wouldn't be trying to remove them.

  • People just don't care if they hurt some one else, but if they are getting hurt that is a whole different story.
    So just treat some one like you would like to be treated.
    People want respect but they do not want to respect you, that is a problem!!!!

  • So the government needs people to run those tanks! Military people are US citizens and they have to agree with the government to use weapons against us!
    As long as there are bad people (there always be bad people) I will be armed!
    Man and evil will always be a part of life.

  • Not for very long if the people get fed up enough and rise up. Throughout history, great nations have fallen, tanks be damned, when enough people stand up for themselves.

  • You are so wrong... in europe we face a giant wave of uncontrolled immigration. former leaders of deathsquad can live in europe, as the white helmets do too. we are not allowed to have guns and so there is no way our society can protect its sons daughters and the vulnerable people. This results in in a lot of violence from migrants who know they can basicly do as they please, since the resolution 1743 of the european council and the marrakesh agreement state that it is forbidden to write and negativly about migrants... in the netherlands the press is controlled by only two belgian newstycoons.. who actually donated to clinton in 2016 elections (which, in my opion, would not be possible if donated to Trump. it is the european government (controlled by people that have a liason with Goldman Sachs, the same party behind Clinton/Obama and Biden) that forces us to accept our own downfall, and we are powerless.... imagine the german army, once a migthy factor, only has 180 000 people in service (and nowadays, for every fighting man or woman, some 9/10 people are active behind them, means they have like one division activly in the field, in a time that millions of young men who hate the way of life in the west, come here and behave like they own us already)
    the government in the states is doing the same thing, as in al western countries.... no matter if you are american, australian, kiwi, Boer, European or noth american: the homogenity is activly broken to smithereens and it is always the christian or white people who are forced to take the blame... so, still having the right to bear a firearm, is a blessing. forbid weaponry and criminals will them anyway, and the decent people are defenceless, no matter what colour they have

  • Unless you're from the middle east, those days are long gone! Holding onto something that promotes death, not my cup of tea!

    Now global ** is now dictated by the wealth of a country, not by weapons.

    Invading a country proves nothing, when the world unites and put heavy sanctions on your country, it slowly starves and suffocates your people.

  • Mass Immigration is the weapon of choice. Invasions are facilitated by manipulation of empathy and compassion of the host society. All done under the cloy euphemism of 'diversity' and 'multiculturalism'.

  • It is the progressive part of society that kills us in a rather slow pace right now...... led by america, the world is taken over by investors and banks. straight back to the time before egalité, liberté fraternité

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