My cousin.

I believe I have a crush on my first cousin. We just met not long ago at all, as well as the rest of my father's side of the family, during a yearly family reunion.

It was awkward at first, because we were both so quiet, but after two days and exchanging numbers, we've been talking constantly ever since. We get along great and have a lot of similar interests and habits, and it's obvious we both like each other a lot. I'm thinking him in a lot of ways I shouldn't and there's definitely shame here.

I'm not crossing my fingers for any returned feelings because I know I'm f***** and I'm aware of how quick this all was to me. I haven't felt this way for someone in a really long time, and the fact that it's a cousin has me feeling like an abnormal freak.

So yeah, I just needed to get this out there. It's been heavily on my mind all week and I'm trying to lift the load.

Jul 31, 2016

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  • My cousin and I had something special when we were kids. She was actually no blood relation. We kissed, held hands and I dry humped the couch as she watched. We were kissing and when it happened, she looked straight into my eyes and I grabbed her by her hair and sat next to her. It was intense, I wonder how she is

  • Ah ok good luck

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