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I am now in my 70's. I recall that my pals and I used to go to the local, kind of run down, "pay" beach to swim and hang out when we could get the money to do so. Because the beach was kind of run down, it didn't get the crowd that the other beaches got, and it didn't have the crowd of really good looking girls either, but it was what we could afford. The beach was kind of long and narrow with little inlets and other sort of isolated places within the weeds and woods surrounding it. One day, the other guys saw a bunch of girls on the beach and decided to have some fun. One of them pulled me out of the water and half dragged me to a spot within sight of the group of girls. Two held me as they others removed my bathing suit and stood me up so the girls could get a good look at me. I was totally embarrassed having my little shriveled p**** on display as the girls laughed and pointed at it. They let go of me and chased me all around the beach as I tried to gain back my suit. Maybe, after a short while, I got somewhat comfortable and not so embarrassed but for some reason or other, my p**** started to get erect and it wasn't long before it was fully erect and on display. Of course, the guys dragged me even closer to the girls so they got a good look before letting me loose and returning my suit. For some reason or other, I just stood there totally naked and enjoyed being on display. On subsequent trips to that beach, I arranged for the guys to forcefully strip me naked and display me to others. That's when I found out that even middle age mothers with children and older women with their husbands enjoyed watching what went on. And I realized that nudity is more fun when I am being watched by others.

Jan 11, 2020

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  • I love being naked and on display for others to see.

  • Rest assured that the "pleasure" is yours alone.

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