First bikini

I'm going to the beach today and I'm really nervous adout it. I'm almost 17 and I have always worn one piece swim suits. All my friends wear bikinis and tease me about being a prude. My mom took me shopping for a new swim suit. My old one didn't fit anymore. I had a growth spurt up top. I wanted a one piece but she said it was time for a two piece. I tried a bunch on and picked out one that covered more than the rest. I'm in pretty good shape. I run track at school and go for runs most days. I'm just not comfortable showing so much of mysel. I wouldnt go out in public in my underwear why would I go to the beach in basicly that. Then there's the whole shaving thing... I don't even want to go anymore. ill probably just end up wearing a tshirt over it. My mom says it will be good for my to embrace my body and to not let other peoples opinions effect me. I feel naked and exposed in it. I've gone up two bra sizes in a year. I'm bigger than most of my friends. Guys stair all the time as it is. I don't want to put them out there on display. I love my mom but she first get it. I'm not ashamed of my body. I just don't want to show it to the entire world.

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  • Over thinking it a little much eh

  • It's a strange world. My wife puts my daughter out there. Mothers are weird. She is confident and outgoing. Our daughter is quiet and shy. My wife wants her to be more outgoing so makes her wear a bikini with no tee shirt around the house.

  • You will be just one of hundreds of girls dressed the same way.

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