Baby Maker

I so just want to go to any Any town America and meet some random girl/woman,I don't care even if she is married,f*** her good and knock her ass up,and worry about the consequences later.It seems very difficult for me to find a woman wanting to be knocked up these days.

I am jealous of seeing all these pregnant women everywhere,and none of them are by me.I am tired of being careful and responsible. I have had kids with 3 women; raised the first two as a single parent,share custody with the mother of the next two,same thing with the mother of my last baby.Its not like am a lousy dad,I just like to make babies and raise them.

I have always fantasized about knocking up a stranger,a married woman,a woman who's hubby cannot father a baby,or a woman who wants a baby but no husband,a lesbian,or a woman who wants a bi-racial child. it would not matter to me whether the mother wanted me to participate in the child's life or not. I don't even care if she sees me simply as a sperm donor-all I think about is making babies.

I can't have a baby with just about any woman though.I have to feel like she is going to be a caring loving responsible mother. Having a decent job and education(I do too) is equally important.I don't like having babies at tax payers expense.

The other day I was at a small tavern.I saw this one woman, in a group, who was simply beautiful(not a model type),she had great teeth,healthy hair,nice skin texture,medium size-just an average woman. I just imagined that she could make me a beautiful baby girl,almost just like herself.

I approached,introduced myself,took her to the side and had small talk with her. I simply told her this: " you are a gorgeous woman and I think you will be an awesome mother,I would love it if you would have a baby for me". She asked "are you serious"?I said yes. She just cried in shock. I had to console her by holding her,which looked strange to her group.

After she composed herself,she told me she is married. I wanted to tell her not to worry about what her hubby thinks but I held back. She gave me a hug,bought me a beer,took my number and said she will stay in touch.I doubt she will though,but who knows.See,am trying!

Aug 4, 2016

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  • Although virtually everything you wrote was wonderful, my two favorite things that you wrote were the way you referred to yourself as a babymaker for the women you date (oh Jesus how I wish more men thought that way when they get with married women), but even more was the way you spoke to that married woman you met at the club! OMMFG! Mother of Christ! The things you said to her and the way you made her feel so feminine and so desired!!! Oh, f***. Oh, f***! OH, F***!!!!! I wish a black man would talk to me that way! I have fantasized about that exact thing happening to me at a club, and you actually did it! It can happen! I think you have given a LOT of married white gals like me real hope, and I thank you for that! You are a beautiful, beautiful man!

  • I agree with ^her^. "Babymaker" is just so sexy and intimate, and just the word makes me f****** creamy and makes my f****** womb itch. Oh good G****** it makes me ache. My husband would kill me but F*** ........suddenly I want a black b****** child in me.

  • I feel just the same. If it had been me in that tavern, our baby would already be conceived and you'd have the pleasure of explaining our plans to my husband. I love men who love married ladies. So hot!

  • ...same for me ....... ever since i read this post i been fantasizing and masturbating like crazy about having a strong dark black man (a particular one, a guy that works with my husband) walk up to me and tell me he doesnt care about my marriage and he doesnt owe my husband any courtesy or respect and all he wants to do is f*** me and knock my ass up......... thats the way he says it in my fantasy ............ "I'm going to start f****** you Lisa .... I'm going to f*** you repeatedly and frequently ... I'm going to knock your nasty ass up ... and Robert is just going to have to get used to that ........... you and I are going to start having black babies .............. LOTS of them" ..... oh .... my .... f****** .... gawd! GAWD!!!!!

  • In my case, reading this original post hits me right in my cervix and it just keeps hitting me there until I am totally weak.

  • I am a romantic. In every way. I read romance novels, I go to romantic movies, and I watch Lifetime channel. And I'm one of those women who think that the most wonderful romances are always those that are adulterous. I think that is true love and I have believed that firmly ever since I was a teen. So, in my view, the thing you did with that married lady in the bar was the most romantic thing I've ever heard of. EVER. It would make the beginning of a great novel or movie. And since you are obviously incredibly intelligent and have a great skill as an author (looking at what you write here), I think you should write it. You begin with this nice white lady, show her with a husband and a couple of children, conventional family and never having ever cheated. Then one night she meets girlfriends from her work for drinks, and she meets this eloquent and commanding black man while there. While her friends watch, he seduces her in front of them, takes her away to a five-star hotel, and impregnates her that night. The love between them grows and grows until they can no longer stand being away from one another. You were meant to write this. You were BORN to write it. So write it.

  • Best feeling to knock up married girl its great to see her husband working to keep my son and he dont know

  • LOL! That happened to me, too. I had been "dating" this married woman who was late 30s and I was 22 and she turned up pregnant after about 6mos of "dating". I knew the kid was mine but HE never did and still don't. It's so funny to me that he's paying for my daughter's clothes and food and education and all that stuff and he don't even know he isn't her father: I am. Too f****** funny!

  • Go knock her up when she starts to get big move on let her worry about it better let her and her husband do the worrying haha

  • Go find someone. H*** just find a girl and knock her up without her knowledge. If I could have babies, i'd let you come pump me full of c** and make a baby inside me.

  • Are you sure can't have kids?We can still try.

  • ^ same for me ^

  • What is the issue if I may ask?

  • ....yes, of course, you may ask...... i am only 37 but i had a partial hysterectomy several years ago and i cant get preg now ...... i never usually think about it until i meet a man (other than my husband) who makes me want to throw myself at him and open up my legs and my womb..... when i have that feeling its usually with a black man ...... lots of men can make you want to f*** ..................but most of the time? a black man makes you want to breed.........

  • Great post. I am actually a nice looking 6'4", a nice 260 athletic football player type body and I am white. I love watching big black men in p*** with white wives or white women. I have learned alot from the way black men move their d****, sway, talk to their white women and I have now mastered myself a "cuckhold" relationship with a married woman and her husband. I am very well hung, mostly thick girthy 6 to 8 inched but just nicely thick. Her husband loves that I f*** his wife for him and takes the pressure off. He will eat my cumm inside of her and most of all tells me while I am f****** her to make his wife pregnant for him. As of today, this couple somewhat begs for me to come over on days that I am busy to "breed" his wife. Most the time of course I will make the accommodation. The husband tells me he is addicted for this for his wife and when his wife calls me, she tells me how much more she is addicted feeling my c*** fill her with cumm deep in her belly hoping someday she would pregnant even though she can't. Just amazing... :)

  • Before you had the procedure done,did you happen to be blessed with any kids?

  • ....was pregnant three times......... twice in my teens and once in my twenties but miscarried all three. the last one was super messy and eventually I had to have a partial...... my current husband and i have fostered some kids but so far we haven't found "the one"...... he doesn't know how much i hurt to have a child of my own and so of course he has no idea how I feel about being bred to a black man.......when i am in the presence of a black man i just always want to have him as a bull..... i mean OMG just the term "black bull" makes me want to f*** like a w****.......and the "bull" part i always think of as a huge stud who will pin you and not let you up til your knocked up....................

  • I would love to help and I am white. You would love my girth of my c***. I think it would happen knowing that I could make that flower open up if you would like. :)

  • I think I should be your bull. I want to badly,give you many kids and you can raise them with hubby and live happily ever after.

  • Jesus, that would be my dream come true. sad to say.........the partial hysterectomy pretty much ended my babymaking days..... i would have to have another surgery before i could even try to get preg........and it would be painful and even if i got pregnant again my odds of miscarrying again would be really high (and that could even kill me)....... but i have to say this.......i have never had a man offer to be my bull much less offer to deliver his seed multiple times for multiple babies so thank you for making me feel special and feel desired......that hasnt happeined in a long long long time......that also makes me feel you even more realistically penetrating me ....... as you can tell i have a rich fantasy life and what you just wrote to me moments ago brought me this fantasy and it made me c** over and over....... we are making love on our first date together ....... we had to be careful about meeting because of my husband ......... you are on top of me in a first-class hotel room bed and my legs are wrapped around your back ................ you are pumping me deeper and harder and hotter than any man ever has and you are pounding my cervix mercilessly ..... i ask you not to c** in me because I've not taken my bc pill in over two weeks (hubby passes on the opportunity most times) ........ but you say ...... '"no i am totally going to c** in you ........ and i'm going to give you a baby tonight because your foolish husband obviously doesn't know how ........... the baby will be very black and it will humiliate your husband ........... but he deserves to be humiliated for failing you so miserably ........... you and he will raise our child ........... as you and i continue our sexual relationship ....... and then in a year or so ...........i will knock you up again ...... and then when THAT child is born ......... we will put you on fertility drugs and we will have triplets........ you belong to me now....... you and your womb are mine." This makes me squirt.

  • F****** hot!! I can just breed you in between the black babies...and give you a white baby mixed in at times too.

  • Wheeeeeew! I want to find you and just pleasure you. I was hoping I could knock you up even with a partial. You are simply so sensual. I just want to find you and make love to you just to have us both feel good. I enjoy a squirting woman so much,all that wetness turns me on. Where can I find you,what city and state you in? You just so sweet and you making me so h****.I want you.

  • ....sorry to not reply sooner than this......since you asked where i am i will say that we live about an hour south of philadelphia which is where hubby works.....there are nights when he works late that he just stays in the city and on lots of those nights i play......usually that just means drnking/partying with my girlfriends but sometimes it means i pck up a guy and either go to his place or (if hes cool) bring him home with me to hubby's bed......but since i mentioned it this one girlfriend.....she left her husband for a black man like almost like 10yrs ago and has 3 kids with him now (he sister also has 3 but with all different black guys)....... she swears all the time that if i had been f****** black men all my life i would of never had any of my miscarriages coz she says black men knock you up better than white men ever could (she says that black men all have "super s****").......she also says black men can look in your eyes and tell whether or not your ovulating......... plus i will say that the black guy her sister is living with now is really charismatic and he makes me so nervous when i am around them that i just cant even talk and i am always afraid her sister will notice the affct he has on me......kind of the way you affect the maried white women here......:) you and he are both soooooooo powerful.......and if your like him you dont even know how much power you have.....

  • ......obviously ^this^ couldn't happen quite this way because of my physical limitations ....... but a girl can dream ......... can't she???? just the idea makes me wet.......and if i lay in my bed or bathtub and finger myself while i think about it.......i actually do you can't even imagine......

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