I cheated with my wifes little sister

Last weekend my wife and her 11 year younger sister who is 27, tall, beautiful and has an amazing set of DD's came home from the bar extremely drunk, They stumbled in and woke me up then my wife went to the bathroom and wrapped herself around the toilet and passed out, I laid there and could hear the tub running so I waited until I heard it shut off, I went and knocked on the door, Her little sister answered and I asked if she was ok, She giggled and said Yeah, I just had a drink spilled on me at the bar and was all sticky so I thought I would take a bath.
I told her I wasn't comfortable leaving her in the tub alone and drunk and would wait in the kitchen to make sure she didn't drown, She giggled and told me I didn't need to, After a few minutes I didn't hear any noise so I knocked again, She didn't answer and I panicked a bit and opened the door, She was sitting in the tub with the curtain closed and just her head sticking out, She looked at me and smiled saying "Sorry, I just wanted to see if you would get scared', I told her "that's not nice" and she giggled saying "Can you hand me a towel.
I grabbed a towel from the cabinet and handed it to her, She kept talking to me as I tried to leave the room and I could hear the tub draining, She was standing behind the curtain drying off as we talked, She slid the curtain open and was standing there in just her towel which barely covered her huge b**** with her hair and shoulders dripping wet, I stepped back as she stepped out of the tub and as she did she slipped, I caught her and helped her up then watched her bum jiggle as she stumbled to the spare room in just her towel.
I turned to go to my room and heard "Pssst", I turned and She poked her head out from the spare room and said "Come here", I walked up to the door and she took me by the hand pulling me into the room, She was standing completely naked and I stopped and stared into her beautiful, green eyes, She said "So...My sister got a bit drunk tonight and told me that you have a huge d***", I could feel myself blushing and I said "Um...I think I should go", She said "Oh come on...We are both adults, I just want to see it", I chuckled and told her I couldn't show it to her and she reached down squeezing it through my pyjama shorts, I never took my eyes off hers although I wanted to and she never took her off mine, She undid the button on my shorts and reached inside, I was already hard and her eyes got wide as she wrapped her hand around it and she swallowed hard saying "Holy f***", She pulled her hand out and with both hands pulled my shorts down, She looked down and then back at me and said "oh my god, you are absolutely frickin huge", I looked down at her b**** and my heart stopped, they are huge, round, firm and pale with freckled cleavage and light pink areolae with big pink nipples which were rock hard and as big as the end of my pinky finger, she slid her hand along the underside of my c*** and squeezed the tip, she looked me in the eyes and said "Wow is all I have to say", she started stroking me and I pulled away saying "I thought you only wanted to see it", She said "I did until I seen it".
She dropped to her knees and grabbed it with both hands and started sucking me, I wanted to stop her and I knew she was drunk and this was probably going to end badly come morning but I didn't care, After about a minute she stood up and laid back on the bed, She spread her legs and showed me her perfect, pink, completely bald p****, I couldn't stop my self and crawled on top of her, We had s** for about an hour in every position imaginable and I came inside her twice, When we were done she rolled over and Sighed "Amazing" and passed out.
I went back to bed and in the morning I made coffee and she woke up before my wife, She walked right up to me, Looked me in the eyes and said "I am sooooo sorry about last night, I was wasted and made a huge mistake...no pun intended, Please forgive me and please don't tell my sister, It can be our little secret and I swear I will never tell a soul", I looked down at her and leaned in kissing her, She pulled back but I pulled her in again, I kissed her again and we stood there making out, I put her hand in my shorts and she started moaning as she stroked me, She pulled away saying "Oh god...I can't" but still holding my c***, I looked at her and said "Maybe we can make some more secrets" as I stood there massaging her huge b****, She said "No...not now, not like this" and pulled away, She went to her room and changed and while she was gone my wife had woken up and came to the kitchen, When her sister came out she had her bags and said she had to go, they said their goodbyes and I carried her bags to the car for her, We never said a word until she was about to get in the car then she turned to face me, took my hand and I could feel hers shaking, She looked at me and said "can you come over next weekend"
Of course I said YES

Aug 4, 2016

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  • Knock her ass up!

  • WTF!!!! WHY???? not cool at all.

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