Mums bfs belts and me

Hey i confessed on here before about my mums new bf and me catching a secret glimps him doing her from behind with his belt around his neck, it is now a major fantasy of mine,
he is so fit n buff, i swear mum had marks around her neck loads recently and i just cant help but want that to be me, him bending me over wrapping his belt around my neck and pounding from behide, im so jelious, i have actaully had his belt round my neck, he left his clothes in the bathroom, i locked myself in, took his belt out of his jeans and wrapped it round my neck and i got very very h****, i didnt leave the bathroom for at least 10mins, the smell of the leather and the feel of it round my neck, i just wish it for real, he is younger than mum but i know im only 15 so it would never happen, wonder if it could when im 16 in a few weeks, a girl can dream i surpose

Aug 7, 2016

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  • Try and seduce him

  • I think i didnt explain myself very well, ?? im not fantaising about getting choked with it, when i put it round my neck i was only loose, i understand what you mean but im not into choking at all, i like it like a leash?

  • Please don't indulge in such sadistic act. You could serverely harm yourself.

  • That is sick and if you let anyone else do it to you, your life is in danger.

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