Waist squeezing

Since being a child of about 6, I have loved the feeling of being squeezed at the waist. It may be pressure caused by someone sitting on me, or me leaning over a bar of some sort. I seemed to enjoy it no matter how hard the pressure.
I soon discovered that pulling a belt tight around my waist produced the same sort of feeling.
From that day on, I have worn a belt of some sort all the time. My belt is usually concealed under a loose shirt or jumper. I loved going for a walk or a bike ride with my belt really tight.
I will sometimes lie in bed an pull my belt in as far as I can - the feeling is quite magic. I usually feel that it would be good to pull it even further, but I'm not strong enough.
Now I am older, I can't wear a tight belt always, but I do look for and appreciate anyone else with a tight belt, especially female.
I sometimes feel I am quite unusual, but I suspect there are others who are equally secretive about it.

21 days

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  • If you like tight belts on your belly you should try light bdsm with a total stranger. Of course you would probably be naked and oiled while being sensually stroked all over your helpless body.

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