Belly squeezing fetish

I confess
I enjoy giving and receiving belly squeezing, punching and poking. I will take a 2 inch wide cloth belt (because it is strong ger) and tighten around my waist until my lower belly bulges so much that my belly button is looking up at me. Then I attach a rope to the back of the belt and suspend myself from the ceiling to increase the pressure around my waist. Unfortunately I'm by myself and no one to poke my bulging belly, but when I see myself in the mirror suspended from the ceiling and my stomach bulging I have the greatest **.

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I love seeing women pee

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  • Too funny. I've used a belt, and her robe sash tie to squeeze my hot older sister's thin, tanned tummy and deep, oval innie navel, and she loved it. Did it as a joke or "let me do something" one weekend when she'd been laying out and tanning in her tiny, black bikini and there was a loose sweatpants tie on the chair. She was in the kitchen and I wrapped the tie around her tummy and back, and pulled it tight, asking her how it felt. She laughed and said it felt good, and to pull tighter. I really went tight on her and forced her backwards into me, making her laugh and hold her stomach with her long-nailed fingers, telling me to stop. That first time, for her, I did.

    Then, as I'd try other things like her robe sash, which was wider and covered more of her tummy than the sweats tie, or, her belts, she got used to my doing it to her and taking her to the limit, usually not stopping when she'd laugh and shriek please please stop. She knew I wouldn't until I decided to.

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