Mexicans working on a Huanted house

There's a Mexican American lawyer who decided to make a law office out of a large very old house where I live. The house is wooden and its a miracle its still there but it is.

It got a basement two large stories and a large attic. It needed work so the lawyer hired a Mexican construction company to renovate the home and make it into a law office building.

Near there is a bar and sometimes the Mexican construction workers come in nervous and shaky saying they had seen the ghost. Its a tall dark man wearing 19th-century clothing including a top hat. It just stands there when one of the workers is alone. This scares the living H*** out of these workers.

Well nearby is my favorite watering hole and bar and grill where they come to drink and have a bite to eat. These latinos come in and talk about the apparition that they have all been seeing.

Here's the problem. I've been in every nook and cranny of that house including the basement and the attic. I never saw anything out of the ordinary.

I believe that what is happening is caused by the power of suggestion. They were told the house is haunted and they believe in spooks so they see them when they get tired or dehydrated or both.

Ghosts are not part of my belief system but they are part of the Mexican belief system.

Hence they see them and I don't.

Aug 7, 2016

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