Ghosts don't exist

Ghost stories are fun to tell but do ghosts really exist? No, they do not. There is a supposedly haunted house in my town and it's being renovated. Some of the Mexicans working there got scared and refuse to work in an on the house alone. One Sunday I drove by this house and I noticed the door was unclosed. I decided to check for myself if there was anything spectral going on there.

Exploring this 200-year-old building I can understand why it has its reputation. Its three full stories high. The lower story stretches for about a quarter of a city acre. There's plenty of room for people in this cool old house.

I explored this house room by room closet by closet, the attic the basement and I came to the conclusion that people thought something was there because with something this big something is supposed to be there.

You walk up the stairs and creak would upset some people.

During humanities, stone age development large open spaces were at a premium and when a tribe came upon such an area it was probably occupied by someone or something that would fight to stay there. Hence not being able to see into a room would cause some peoples imagination to feel that someone or something was about to attack them. A cave bear or a rival tribe etc.

Lawyers bought the house and all three stories have a law office or two.

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  • Belief in ghosts is rather like belief in God. Best left to the gullible and ignorant.

  • Can't say with 100% certainty that ghosts don't exist, but I can be certain that in 99.99% of instances I can prove that it is mostly likely something much more mundane than supernatural entities. The human imagination is a very powerful thing.

  • sure have gutts as I won't dare to do such thing....but I am afraid lot of people are going to disagree with you

  • Yup i seen ghosts before and shadow people....but thats just me saying believe what u wonna to.

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