Be proud of your country

I hate how when ever you ask what they are they all ways give you a dozen countries that they`ve never been to. when i ask what you you are i am asking what country your from not where your parents are from but where your from. when someone asks me what i am i say i am an american not i`m part mexican part irish part black part japanese. i can tell your race just by looking at you i dont need your family tree just say im a mexican american or african american or a white american or asian american or native american. dont be ashamed of your country america be proud we are the super power of the world and all the s*** talking canadians and british people are just jealous because they know were great and that they can suck my big american footlong. be proud america were losing are patriotism hold your head up high and walk with pride through the streets and say USA! USA!

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  • Oh yeah. I am SO proud of this country that's being "run" by a spray-tanned con man who doesn't even try to hide his disregard for everyone besides himself.

    Actually, the country itself is fine. It's just the so-called "leaders" (who are in it for profit, not to actually lead) and the roughly half of the population that is too brain-dead and self-centered to be useful for anything besides cranking out more idiots.

  • You're proving once again what a huge American moron you are. Stop humiliating your country dude.

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