Think the neighbor saw me

I'm a male and enjoy wearing my one peice swimsuit around the house when I'm home alone. I have 2 roommates who both work during the week when I'm usually off, so that's when I normally wear it. I also smoke so I'll go in the back yard with just my swimsuit on and smoke several times. There's several houses behind us on a hill which most are covered with trees but the one directly behind us isn't and they have several windows and sliding door that looks directly into our backyard. Surprisingly in 4 years, I have never seen or met who lives there which makes me a little more comfortable doing it. I'm still not sure if they have ever seen me and if they have , it's obviously not an issue. Now I don't normally do it on weekends because I figured there's a good chance the neighbors are probably home. Today however, I got home from work and put on my swimsuit with a very short black swim skirt and tank top. I figured they probably wouldn't see me but if so, atleast I'm covered. I went outside twice to smoke and I always look around to see if anyone is outside. I went out for a third time and after about a minute, I noticed the blinds to their sliding door were slightly open so I put out my cigarette and went inside. I looked back out to notice they were closed which led me to believe someone was looking at me. Right away I got nervous and started to wonder if they would say anything, would they tell anyone, etc..but the fact I've never met them or seen them, I felt a little more comfortable. Hopefully they dont think I'm weird and that I just like to wear women's clothes. A part of me was a little excited just thinking what they might have seen. The skirt I had on didnt entirely cover my butt and my swimsuit was riding up. Now I'm not sure if I feel comfortable going outside anymore cause I know they might be looking.

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  • Let the neighbours mind there business

  • Why do u give a s**** about your neighbour

  • It's tough being different & lonely and just a little weird

  • Weirdo.

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