I've returned to the closet

I used to be openly gay and proud, but after what happened in Orlando, I went back into the closet and have decided to completely renounce my homosexuality altogether and do everything possible to turn straight.

Say what you want, but my mind is fully made up. I don't feel safe being gay anymore.

This is something I have to do. My life is more important than my sexuality.

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  • Being gay is fine. Frantically flailing your sexuality about for the world to see is not, even though it's currently fashionable. Going back into the closet is not either.

    You want to isolate yourself? Fine, but you're gonna be miserable. You might miss the next gay-bar shooting-- and then get run over by some idiot texting while driving.

    Find a balance, bro.

  • You are just talking s***.

    You are not, were not, ever gay.

  • Safety is not a measure for quality of life. The safest cell in any prison is solitary confinement, yet it is considered the most inhumane.

  • You can't turn off gay hope you know that

  • I'll find a way.

  • Using the same logic i guess you will not be a student or a cinema goer or go out in public.

  • This is different.

  • How odd. I'm not gay. I really don't care whether you are gay or not but this seems a denial of yourself.

  • I don't think you can just turn this off

  • I'll find a way to.

  • Pretty dumb

  • My Life > My Sexuality

  • You can't live a lie and living in fear is not living at all. It's better to be you, but you can do so discreetly if that feels safer. Do you honestly think you can live a lie the rest of your life? Those poor souls in Orlando didn't deserve that, but the truth of the matter is when your number is up it's up. One would hope not at the hands of a crazy hate driven lunatic, but you can't control everything. You have to just live and hope for the best. Your life is important, but living it as who you really are is important too.

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