Relationship dilemma

I have a secret I have been keeping from my boyfriend. It's about something that happened before I met him and I have my reasons for keeping it a secret. I feel like I should tell him because people say that honesty is key to relationships, but if I tell him then I'm pretty sure he will never want to speak to me again and our relationship will be over. Mostly because I have kept it from him for so long, but the secret itself will bother him too. I love him and don't want to lose him.

Do I tell him or not?

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  • Don't tell him. It happened before him. It's not really his business and somethings are just better left unsaid. Leave it in the past, and move forward.

  • Just go sleep with friend again tell him then you be happy if he is angry tell him his c*** is to small for you

  • I think you really need to tell us.

  • All it is is that I slept with a friend of mine before I met him. The secret itself isn't anything bad, it's just that I've kept it from him. He's quite a jealous person anyway so I know it will make him angry, add that on top of the fact I've been lying to him all this time and I don't think he would ever forgive me or trust me again.

  • Don't tell him,he doesn't need to know.If he's jealous like you described and you tell him,whose to say he wouldn't confront your friend,about it? Stop thinking about yourself and think about,how your friend would feel.

    Plus,what happened in your past,stays in your past.He doesn't need to know!!
    Use your head woman!!

  • Exactly ????????????

  • LOL. Best response at this whole site!!!

  • He will find out sooner or later from someone else. do the Right thing and tell the truth.

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