I dont trust my boyfriend (DAD)

My boyfriend who is my adoptive father keeps leaving at all hours of the night... I have found lots of animal p*** on his computer especially sheep p***...I am 6 months pregnant with a son and I have basically lived off him since he and Jan adopted me when I was 2... Im 19 now and have nothing going for me... I have very low self esteem and my discovery for his love of sheeps etc., has put my self esteem at an all time low! Wat am I to do?

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  • I live on a farm and noticed that my sheep are sneaking out of their pens late at night. They show up in the early mornings with their wooly hair all knotted up an loking hung over. Do you think your dad/boyfriend is having affairs with my sheep? We should run some DNA tests to determin the paternity of the funny looking baby sheep that are running around the farm these days. Your baby may have half siblings. Call me..lets talk.

  • hahahaha sheep p***

  • You want advice obviously you need to get out of the situation. There are lots organizations out there. My suggestion is get a trade skill, something that you live on your own. You need to tell a social worker about your situation; they may be able to contact a place that helps you establish residence other than at home. You really need to talk about options for you and your child. I recommend listen to all advice. Decide what is best. You need forget about what type of p***. At times, you have to things that are the hardest in life.

  • don't be an idiot. you can't compete with a sheep.

  • Sad but true I know this girl


    This is a bunch of crap from the same guy who claims he's forcing his Mom "Jan" to have s** with him.

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