stop the cruel comments!

people put confessions on here to get comfort, help, and advice. but all i see is arrogant a******* judging people saying cruel and hurtful things to people who are probably suffering from low self esteem and have no one to talk to. if your on this site just to make people feel bad - or worse about themselves.
P*** OFF. no one wants to hear your cruel comments. just cos you have some kind of lame issues with yourself, doesn't mean you have to try and boost your self esteem by putting complete strangers down. get a life. you don't know how much your comments might be hurting these already fragile people.
you know who i'm talking about.
your pathetic.

-to all the genuine people on this site, i'm sorry i just needed a rant after being told that i was a f***** after a confession about my low self esteem, there are people out there that do care.
i promise.

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  • ^ well i agree. it really depends on if the confession is bullshit or not. a lot of confessions posted here are made up, just to get a reaction from the reader. the serious ones tho, i totally agree that people who don't honestly have something helpful to say should shut the f*** up.

  • hey i'm all for straight up answers but i don't think comments calling people names that have nothing to do with their confessions are really helping anyone...
    but obviosly some people deserve it...

  • ok, i don't know if it's your bad spelling or what. but that last comment didn't make any sense.

  • ...if u feel so emotional after reading the texts whihc are not even diretced towards you .. don't see the sites.

  • i like this confession. i think the same exact way. :)

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