still hurt

i had a drunk one-night stand two years ago. he was the second guy i had ever had s** with. we had s** a month later after the one night stand and after we talked online and he had asked me to come to his house several times but i never had a way to get out to his place, and i haven't seen him since the second hook-up . for those two years and currently, i have always liked him and still do. i am 20 years old now, and after 8 sexual partners later trying to forget about him, i have not met anyone who showed as much interest in me as he did to this day. he now has a girlfriend and doesnt talk to me anymore since last month. to this day it eats me up inside and as many times as ive tried to forget him and not like him, it has been impossible. for two whole years, ive been miserable thinking how he doesnt give two s**** about me when im sitting here thinking about him everyday.

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  • MOVE ONE YOU CAN DO A LOT BETTER................

  • Put things in perspective. There are people in this world who don't have access to clean drinking water. He's only a boy. Thank God for the things you have!

  • ^ ^ ^It is quite clear by her post that he does in fact see her as just a piece of ass. Get over it, he does not want you. The solution to getting over a man is NOT getting under another. Whoring around will only make you feel worse about yourself. Do not let anyone take your self respect.What I did to get over a guy when I was feeling hurt and desperate was to stay busy! I made sure i always had something to do, whether it be cleaning my house, going out, or finding a new hobby. . .anything you can do to take your mind off the person! Eventually, you will think about him less and less, until one day, you might hink about him and say to yourself, wow, I havent thought of ______ in a while. . .how weird! That's the healing process honey, let it work for you! Go out with your friends, but without intentions of finding another guy. You dont want to be stuck in a codependant life, trust me

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