Hates it... love it.

My wife of 10 years hates having s** with me. It's not the s** she hates, it's that there is no emotional connection for her. She still let's me f*** her to keep me happy. So three times a week when I come home from work or the bar drunk she'll be laying in bed completely naked legs spread with it pitch black in the room and she says to me things like come on let's get this over with or just fucl me already. I am able to do whatever i want. Smack her f*** her ass f******* her. I asked her why she keeps doing this of she doesnt like it. She says it's her obligation as a wife to make me happy and she doesnt want me to cheat on her. I have to say it really does turn me on to have a f*** hole at home anytime I want it. To bad I've been cheat on her for years already. But still nice to have it.

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  • You sound like a good dude.

  • Mine is same way except once or twice a month. However, both of us do date others from time to time.

  • I told her a couple years ago it was ok to date...also I knew she had anyway.

  • She’s getting f*** or wants to bad probably a coworker

  • Well I guess it's better than no s**. U should bring a friend over from the bar and see what she does.

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