Swapping secrets

The wife and I were about to have ** the other night. We were both naked and kissing and touching. She suggested we swap secrets. I asked what kind. She said sexual. Something I have never told anyone. I agreed and said for her to go first. She said, "I want to ** this guy at work." I've been in her work a few times. I said, "Anyone I have seen?" She said, "Yeah, Mark." I said, "Kinda tall, built, short brown hair?" She said, "Yeah that's him." I said, "Why him?" She said, "He's cute and I hear he has a big **." (I'm barely average) I must admit I was kinda turned on. She is always the one that is so proud of being absolutely faithful and sweet and innocent. I said, "So what if he hit on you?" She said, "Well, it would be at work and I would say no. Besides I'm married." I said, "Well, let's assume I am ok with it and he says something after work." She said, "I'd go home with him and let him ** me till I couldn't walk right." My ** was now rock hard.

She said, "Ok. Your turn." I said, "I wanna have ** with another man." She said, "Oral or everything." She said, "Would you be the one doing the **?" I said, "I'd probably be the one getting **." She said, "Anyone in particular?" I said, "Yeah our neighbor." She said, "Not so sure mike is like that. He is married after all." I said, "Wrong neighbor." She said, "Oh that guy. Haven't ever talked to him. Have you?" I said, "Yeah a few weeks ago I was weed eating the yard. He came out and talked to me. Asked if you were home. I told him you were and why would he want to know. He said he was gonna see if I was interested in coming over and playing."

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Racism in America

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  • Good luck wit the queering

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