Nice cleavage

To the girl who bitched me out for saying she had great cleavage as a (compliment) on Facebook grow the f*** up take a compliment and if you think it's inappropriate just say that. Don't pretend like I didn't just stroke your ego. Your skills, personality, any other thing u do in life will be shadowed by your b****. Again get over yourself hot chicks are a dime a dozen, chicks that have skills are a little more rare at least from what I've seen, you all are to busy taking pics of yourself and posting it to social media sites to learn or do anything of merit. Ps get f***** that's the last time I ever say a thing nice to u

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  • It's interesting you posted under embarrassing. What kind of response were you looking for you when you complimented her cleavage? The fact that she didn't like it and then you try to further cut her down with your rant about her being hot.. Don't think your comment stroked anything. And if you really liked this girl, you failed to impress. If you really need to know what to say to women. Consider your mom, sister or another woman or even maybe in the future you have a daughter your life that you care for and if they came to you and said some guy complimented them on their cleavage..would you think ..hey that's nice..or think what a douchebag? Depending on which one you pick says a lot about you and your respect for women.

  • It's in the embarrassing cat so more ppl see it. It's called scrolling through a news feed and seeing giant b**** that other ppl commented on..... As far as my mom goes she gets more respect from me than stupid twats ever will.....if u don't want ppl checking ur s*** out don't put it on a public site about this ask urself how many times do I take a pic of myself per day if it's more than 5 ur probably full of s***...

  • She must be a c***

  • If you can't understand why a woman would be insulted by some creepy pervert commenting on her b****, then your IQ must be well below 100.

  • I catch women checking me out I don't get p***** it's flattering so grow up if u have any skills u wouldn't be so insecure about ur looks overshadowing

  • 140

  • Hah f*** off like you know me. If u don't want f****** people checking u out don't show it off

  • Lol I'm better looking than she is besides the b**** of course but if ur personality is total crap they don't count for much...

  • We had a lady at work who if you held the door for her she would accuse you of patronising women. If you commented on her clothes she would say your just a typical male only interested in a woman's looks and say no one judges men by their clothes. but if you didn't notice that she had had a hair cut, she would get all quiet and passive aggressive and not do tasks on time and eventually to get her to be a part of a team, you would have to apologise for not complementing her on her haircut.

  • Sometimes I think that's some sick hobby that people don't talk about: making everyone else walk on eggshells, not knowing what's going to "offend" you or not on any given day. Either that or it's a sick power trip.

  • Impossible to understand women.
    A construction worker whistles at a woman. He is saying "she beautiful" even "I wish I could f*** her" whatever. It's a positive statement about her looks.
    The woman may understand it is a positive and then react. Some will react positively. Some will blush and stay silent. Some will abuse the crap out of the guy even though it has stroked their ego.

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