I hate being a parent

I am a mother and I hate every single thing about being a parent. There isn't one thing I enjoy about it. I am literally letting my daughter's life pass me by because I do not want to raise her. I hate everything. I hated being pregnant. I hated my body afterwards. I hated having to give up everything that mattered to me to become a s***** parent. I never wanted to be a parent and I was dumb to have her but I had already terminated one pregnancy and figured I had to keep her. Everything she does is stressful. Everything she says I can't stand. I do not have one nurturing none in my body. I feel despicable writing this because society says that I'm a woman and I should be all those perfect things but the reality is I am not. I accept that. But what do I do for the next 10 years? I cannot control my temper around her and her behavior is absolutely appalling which makes me further hate being her mother. I have tried to come to terms with this and sugar coat my thoughts but the truth is I hate being parent. HATE.

Aug 10, 2016

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  • At least you're honest about it, so good on you for that. I think many, MANY parents have "buyer's remorse" but instead of owning that, they hate on people who are smart enough to actively avoid having kids. They eat up all the privileges and benefits that our child-worshipping society throws at them, but still hate themselves and their kids on the inside anyway-- in other words, it's just another form of whor!ng.

    So the way I see it, you have three options: 1) Keep letting it eat you and your crotch croissant alive 2) Surrender her for adoption (it can still be done) or 3) Turn that angst outward and spend the next 15 years looking for reasons to be loudly and constantly offended because "I HAVE A CHILD," like most breeders do. It may actually drop your IQ by several points to go that last route and no one will like you, but it might be an improvement over your current situation.

  • I hate kids too

  • Why had u kid because u couldnt get ur nickers off fast enough now do with it

  • Should have aborted it would've been way less pain for both u and the kid

  • You didnt hate getting f***** now live with it

  • Why don't you let someone raise her that would love and nurture her? It's ok that you don't like being a parent, but it's not ok to ruin this innocent life with your apathy.

  • If her behavior is awful, it's because she is learning and feeding of you and your energy. A child wouldn't know anything else except for what they learn in their home and surrounding environment. Maybe she would be better off in foster care home or someone else.. you're obviously not nurturing to her - which is clearly a form of neglect and abuse. So anywhere else couldn't be any worse (hopefully not). You should consider giving up your parental rights and just be a memory to her. She'll have the chance at having a happy life and maybe someone can just say you died.

  • Give her to someone who will love and nurture her

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