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My is Annie and I'm an attractive women in her late 30's. I married my best friend and love of my life 20 years ago. In sickness and I health sounds good on the wedding date but you'll never understand my decision unless you have walked a mile in my shoes. My husband and I have always had great sexual chemistry but about two years ago he was diagnosed with diabetes and things have gone down hill front there. One of the sad side effects of diabetes is sexual dysfunction. At this point in time he can longer achieve annerection and satisfy my needs. We have tried everything , including surgery but nothing has helped . We have incorporated s** toys and tools innkeeper to have some kind of s** life. It doesn't fulfill my entire needs. Finally my husband told me to get a lover. I protested and had no intention of doing that. Still , I find myself wanting to feel a mans touch again. To have a muscular , sweaty man control me , to fill me up with a hard thick c***. To pound me relentlessly until I pass out. This finally happened last week. I attended a seminar for work in Denver. I was bored one night so me and some coworkers went out for some fun. At a bar we ran into some other professionals who were attending the same conference. One of them was a man named Mark. Mark is tall and very well buildt . He is a few years younger so I really didn't give him that much thought. As I sipped my thrid drink Mark sat beside me and we began to talk. As he spoke i drifted off and found myself fantizing about him. I really didn't know what he was saying because I was too busy listening to my throbbing v*****. I could feel my wetness dripping into the crack of my thigh and I began to filter in my seat. He quickly picked upon this and asked me why i was so distracted. I couldn't a answer him so he apologized for boring me and got up to walk away. My sexual frustration mixed with the copious amounts of alcohol I had consumed the past couple of hours gave me the courage to quickly grab his arm. He spun around and our eyes locked. My heart raced in my chest. Breathlessly I said , you want to go back to my room? He looked surprised but he smiled and answered yes. On the cab ride back to the hotel which we were high staying at we kissed softly. He tasted so good. I found myself lost in his embrace. Before I knew it we pulled into the hotel. He quickly paid for the cab and taking my hand he lead mento the elevator. Once the doors closed we went at it again. This time out kisses were deeper ,'more passionate. He pressed his thigh against my hand and I could his hard , long c*** through his pants. We sprinted to my room and fell into the dark space. We began tearing each others clothes off. I hadn't been with another man in a very long time. Especially someone like Mark who was younger and much hotter than myself. Before I knew what had happened I found myself standing naked in the soft light of a dark room in front of a stranger. His hands were all over me but finally came to a rest on my large b******. My god your beautiful he said almost panting. I smiled them began tearing his clothes off. If was going to do this I was going to enjoy it. There before me stood Mark, naked , with a long , thick c*** and fantastic body. I ran my hands all over his muscular chest and soon found myself clutching his big d***. I lost all inhibition and quickly fell to my knees. His c*** was thick and veiny. It smelled musky and tasted sweet. I sucked that big c*** like I've never sucked a c*** before. I could taste his nutty , salty precum in my mouth. His moans filled the room. He quickly lifted me up and kissed me deeply. He moved me to bed and laid me me down. Without breaking out kiss he mounted me . His strong arms pinned my arms down. I spread my legs willingly and slightly arched my back. With one skillful thrust he entered me. It took my breath away. His c*** was bigger than husbands ever was. It filled me completely. He pushed into me with earnest. I moaned through our kiss. My mind was swirling with list and guilt. The sensations pushed me into a powerful o****** that took control of me. My body quivered uncontrollably . I went form moaning to almost screaming as my o****** carried me away. Mark forcefully f***** me hard. His huge c*** hit the back of my Cervix. He plowed me throughly. I suddenly felt marks body tense up. He lifted his head toward the ceiling and s*** his eyes. He groaned loudly as he began to quiver. I felt his hot s**** splash against my unprotected Cervix. He grunted as spurt after hot spurt erupted inside me. I had never felt anything like it. His c*** rubbed against my engorged c*** as his s**** leaked out of me. The thought mixed with the passion pushed me into another mind bending o******. Both of our bodies twitched and spasomed. He remain inside of me as we kissed and out climaxes passed. He finally rolled off of me and I could feel his thick river of c** running out of me . I will be d*** this again.

Aug 11, 2016

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  • That first time you f***** that a****** i as your husband if you were my wife y I would have had a real surprise for you. your life would have come to an end and i am dead serious about that if my wife ever did that to me that would be the end result and her life would end.

  • I would never under any circumstances allow this , Simply put i would bring and end to my marriage, It is that simple

  • Your husband was right in saying you need a boyfriend! He understands your needs and desires.
    You need to feel like a woman and you have the ok so go ahead and get what you need and want!!!

  • I think you did the right thing and should not feel guilty. You and your husband seem to have a solid marriage and he understands your need for s**. If you don't abuse boundaries have fun and let your husband know how much you love him.

  • Me i as a husband would bring an end to your life. That simple. and i would do my wife in her sleep

  • This is why you will never know if you wife is having s** with another man. She deserves better than you.

  • You should try sleeping with a BBC. Having something that thick between your legs is unbelievable. Stretching you like that feels unbelievable. You can't help but keep having o******

  • Talk to your man about oral vibrater strap on also get a toy boy

  • Dont put up with that maraige its useless

  • You need a toy boy dear

  • An attractive lady your age needs pleasure get a new husband

  • Next time go home to husband with other mans juice leaking out of u

  • Dont worry bout baby if husband was functining there would b no prob he can hardly complain

  • You and husband got 20 good years let him talk 2 his dr r good bye husband

  • If husband no use plenty of men wil oblige

  • Il say it again his duty dont matter bout the cause the lady needs c***

  • You are right if ur husband cant do his duty u need to get ur p**** serviced regularly

  • Isn't that a nice way to put it, "his duty" did she not say it was due to medical condition he's not performing. Sad that after 20 with your"best friend" your needs seem to revolve solely around sexual gratification. Do you not truly care about your husband and his feelings, probably feels bad enough he can't satisfy you so you go and get it from another man. Whether he put the offer out there or not I would suspect it is out of shame and hopes your LOVE for him is greater than your sexual desires. No care for your husband allowing another man have unprotected s** with you with no regard for STD's or pregnancy, how hurt would he be if you got pregnant and had to see you have another man's baby.

  • My wife already knows the consequences she would pay if she did that,lets put it this way i most likely would be doing life without parole

  • Great writing.

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