I finally admit I hate this white woman time for revenge.

I hate this white woman. She is 300 pounds of trailer trash and for years has been harassing me as ignore her. The man she likes decided he likes me instead. We have been a couple for many years and she cant' stand it. She will not stop making up lies about me. So much slander I just can't take it anymore. She has even instigated what you might call a cross burning on my front lawn. I have asked her to stay away from me. She gave me the' f*** you n***** all the whites will believe me' thing. I've decided that turning the other cheek time is over. These low IQ white trash need to understand their true place on earth. I am not a slave and will now f*** up her life. Thankfully God has giving me so much dirt on her & her child touching ways that she will be run out of town when I am finished with her. I have had enough. F*** this white b****.

Aug 11, 2016

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  • Good thing this 300 pound b**** was white. If she'd been any other skin color, you'd be racist. Oh, wait...

  • OP here. Yeah I kept mentioning how she's white, but that doesn't matter. People like me can't be racist, only cracker honkies can be, every single one of them, no exceptions. I also enjoy eating food wrappers I find on the ground and touching people inappropriately on the subway, so as you can see I'm very smart. I can't be racist.

  • You should get revenge on her WHOLE family !!! Teach that trailer trash b**** a lesson !!!

  • We hate you too

  • You are so full of hate forgive her

  • Yes she should forgive her but it seems like she is sick of everything and she just wants everything to stop

  • Dont involve her child n this maybe u should give back her man and get a life for urself

  • They mean that she is a child molester and it isn't her man the 300 pound lady just likes him

  • If you have "dirt" on her start telling anyone who cares. If she has touched children tell the police that will really get her off your case via many years spent in prison.

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