Sexual expressions and exhibition by good looking mature male

I am a male-36 in India. Unlike other Indian men, I am tall, well built and good looking. I work out regularily. I wax and take care of my skin too.

My wife deserted me about a year back (I think she wants my money/property), but then that's a different story. But being in a country like India which is still so medieval and hypocritic by mindset (not by technology), expressing my sexuality is just impossible. I only have to repress my desire.

Lately, I feel like I am developing strange new fetishes. I feel like exposing my body (which is of course well built over the years and good to look at too) in the gym to an unsuspecting lady who is working out too. I do not know what to do and how to express myself and my feelings which are so natural...any advice???

These feelings effect my work too.

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  • Get a w****

  • A wh*re won't be the solution. However thnx for the suggestion

  • I think you should just be true to yourself.

  • I think your wife done the right thing you sound f..... Up

  • Well smartie-thnx for ur stupid comment-none one in their sane senses would say what u said-u half witted half truth knowing judgemental ed**t!

  • Uh... what language is this^, please?

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