I wish I could go to sleep and never wake up.

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  • who or whatever made you feel this way is not worth having you feel this way. move on and do something that makes you feel happy about being alive. believe me you are worth something to somebody. you are needed. don't give up

  • i hope you find immense happiness in life, friend.

  • I wish I could exist in my dream world rather than reality, .but I guess thats a little different from what your talking about....

  • Because your too p**** to kill yourself.

  • Nah, the sleeping pills won't work unless they're the strong prescription type. The over-the-counter s*** has stuff added where if you take too many they will just make you throw up. Now, if you get some Darvon or Percocet and some vodka, you have a chance.

  • i think a lot of people have had that same wish

  • Get a very big bottle of sleeping pills and take them all.

    Your wish is granted.

  • i dont now u but i hope u wake up

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