Son and Niece

WE live on a farm and have one son who is 18. Our younger niece visits us every summer for a couple of weeks. The other day I saw my son and niece in the barn having s**. I was shocked and left and now do not know what I should do. If I tell my husband he will go nuts, and if I tell my sister in law she will blame my son and me. I don't know what to do.
I believe I must stay quite to keep peace in the family but I am concerned he will make her pregnant and then all h*** will break loose. I don't know what to do.

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  • Eventually he will get her pregnant. They have bonded and its near impossible to break them apart. Thankfully most states allow cousin marriages.

  • There's no "eventually about it!" It's a possibility, if they're careless!

  • How old is your neice?

  • Age is irrelevant!

  • Talk to your boy today explain that he should use his tongue and fingers to make her come no use telling him to withdraw at his age he wont be able

  • Some 18 year old men, know how to control themselves!

  • Could she live with you all the time it would keep your son out of trouble

  • Dont tell let ur son hav his fun

  • Brilliant experience for your son i hope he was her first

  • What difference does it make, whether he's her first or not?! You're sick man!

  • Forget your son its your husband you should b worried for you need to f*** him twice daily to stop him smelling niece

  • I wish that little girl came to visit me

  • Little girl! I'm assuming you're a "Paedophile!"

  • Forget your son watch your husband

  • Her husband isn't the one, f****** her niece!

  • Dont tell your husband or he will be after her as well

  • Why assume such things?! Individuals like you, are sick minded!

  • No harm at that age hel be able to shoot at her 10 times a day

  • Sick f***, don't make assumptions!

  • Your poor son what wil he do when that girl goes back home try to get her to visit more often

  • Disturbed!

  • Tell no one and forget what you saw.

  • Easier to say, but harder to do

  • Make sure they have protection then forget it young boy young girl have s** sounds ok to me

  • Cause it seems great to you, you aren't in their position! It's not your family that's, f****** each other!

  • Do not tell anyone. That will accomplish nothing but anger and hate.

  • This is normal no need to panic make sure they have protection

  • Do you have any interest in your son? You could offer to take care of him if he stops doing the niece. Just a thought, not sure how it would work out.

  • I tried but he wont look at me he goes around after this s*** al the time

  • Good odea

  • Tell nobody your son did what any boy would do get him condoms and let them enjoy

  • Not necessarily

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