i'm lying to my best friend

we're both seniors in high school, and my best friend wants to join the army after we graduate. all of our friends tell him that he shouldn't go, but i told him that i'd support him. i told him that i understood that he felt like he had to join, and he tells me everything about it because he's so excited about it. but i'm actually terrified of losing him. every time he brings it up, i want to cry. i can't tell him that i love him, and i don't want him to go because it's what he wants to do, so i've got to keep backing up his choice.

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  • It doesn't matter whether or not your friend is making the right choice, I'm glad that you're supporting him like a true friend. Life is suffering.

  • Doesn't the multiple videos on the net showing snipers killing US soldiers, results of their roadside bombs, and worsening rate of suicide of soldiers coming home show him something/ Not to mention the shocking amount of soldiers suffering post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental breakdowns.

    Also, finding a life and fitting in after the tour will be hard. A job just is not waiting for him back State side. He'll have to face what he was going to face before he joined. but perhaps when he gets back he'll have to do with while missing his leg from the knee down.

    Encourage him to stay a civilian.

  • Just remember: recruiters LIE. Always. And once he signs on that dotted line, his ass belongs to them until they ship it home in a box.

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