My experience with my best friend

One day I was going over to my good friend's house. I have been friends with her for 2 years. We are now 15. After a day of shopping we got back to my house. My mom dropped us off at home and we were home alone for a few hours.

We got into are pajamas. We decided to watch some Netflix in the spare room. The TV is infront of the bed, so it's very comfortable. We got in the bed we started the movie.

We quickly decided to get some snacks and drinks. She was carrying the waters and I did a quick turn because I forgot the salt for the popcorn. We crashed spilling water all over are t-shirts. Laughing incredibly hard we walked upstairs back to the spair room. I said to her we can't stay in these wet t-shirts. She just said why don't we take them off. I watched her take off her top and of course I noticed how hot she was before but this was different. Her b**** were big and she had a beautiful body. She was now wearing a bra and some pajama bottoms. I took of my top and she watched and she said you have such a nice body and I said thanks so do you.

As we were about to get back in bed she said that she wanted to take her pajama bottoms off and I was like sure and she took them off and was wearing a lacy black thong. Her butt was nice and devine. She then said you can't just leave me in my underwear you have to do it too. And I was like yeah sure but laughing. I took my shorts off and she said I love your thong. I smiled and got in the bed.

We were just talking and she was talking about how self conscious she was and of course I was like no your gorgeous and beautiful and sweet (all the truth). She just went I love you so much and opened her arms for a hug. Are bodies were pressed against each other. We just stayed there for about a minute until she put her leg over mine and i laughed and she said do you mind? I moved my hands around her body which brought us even closer. She just smiled at me.

After the movie was over we turned off the TV stayed in the same position and played would you rather. It was all fine until she said would you rather kiss a girl who has a really good personality and is really hot or a guy who is ugly and mean. I was like definitely to kiss the girl. She smiled.

We turned off the lights and we watched some Other movie. She kept staring at me and I looked over and went 'what?' But I was laughing. She leaned in and kissed me. Only a quick few seconds and she was like I have always wanted to try that. Then she unhooked her bra and said do you mind. I started to unhook mine in awe and shock. We took are pants off to and just lay there separate from each other. She playfully slapped my arm and then I slapped hers back. This was all a joke and then after loads and loads and loads of playful slaps later. I just went you know what and I sat on top of her. My p**** on top of her p****. I went haha here's your punishment. And she went this is punishment really a beautiful sexy girl sitting on top of me naked I'm lucky. I couldn't help myself I leaned in and we made out. It was hot and steamy and passionate.

After 20 mins of kissing she pushes me back on the bed and goes on top of me fingering my p**** while I was grabbing her b****. I was moaning and moaning. It was so amazing. Then she went down lower and started to kiss my v***** and lick it. I this time I just had an o***** and was about to start my second. then she kissed my v***** one last time then both my b****. We were sitting up now she was sitting on her feet kissing and licking my rock hard nipples. I sat on top both my legs around her waist. And I started to kiss her mouth. I checked the time and my mom was about to get home so we got dressed and we could not stop smiling.

Am I lesbian because I loved that and I definetley want to do it again.

Aug 16, 2016

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  • A guy wrote this

  • Fake af

  • You both can have all the pleasure without getting pregnant

  • Yes that sounds beautiful you two should do that every chance you get

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