I no longer have the motivation and passion,to pursue the hobbies and interests,I once loved.To be honest,I feel that way about everything.
I don't know whether it's empowering or if I'm in a state of depression.

I think I'll take myself to a strip club,have a few vodka shots and get a lapdance from a sexy lady.That'll make me regain,the joys in life!

Aug 16, 2016

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  • Get a bj

  • I'm a woman,not a man :)

  • LOL. I understand that urge. Completely. And I encourage you to indulge it. After that, though, I suggest that you go and talk with a mental health professional, especially about the possibility that you're suffering from depression [not about the fact that you got a lapdance:). There are things you can do to lift yourself out of it, and there are obviously medications that can elevate mood, too. I know that sounds unnecessary, and we could debate the actual "necessity" of it, but it could certainly help you. I wish you only the best.

  • Thank you for your advice :)

  • Seriously?

  • Yes

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