I still cant believe i did this. PT1

This happened a few years ago and I have just gotten up the nerve to talk about it, my best friend whom I have been friends with for most of my adult life, Lived with in college and used to see every day until she got married and moved away for her husbands work had gotten together for a night out on the town when she came to visit me after being away for about three months, We still talked every day but our lives had gotten so busy she didn't have a chance to come visit for a while.
She had gotten married a year before me and started trying to get pregnant right away, I got married a year later, Four years after getting married I had 3 kids, Getting pregnant the first time on my honeymoon, Her and her husband had spent four years trying and I have no idea how much money was spent but it was a lot as he had a good job and she worked as well and she had told me that she lost three pregnancies and the fertility treatments had almost bankrupt them and she was devastated that they were going to have to stop until getting their finances in order, she explained that the doctors told her they had no explanation for why it wasn't working but that the two of them together would probably never carry a pregnancy to term.
I had dropped the kids off at my parents for the weekend in anticipation of being extremely hung over, We all had drinks before going out and all drank heavily at the bar, My husband and hers had only met when her and her husband started dating since me and my husband had been together for what seemed like an eternity before getting married but that's another story, The two of them hit it off and had become fairly close over the years.
I tried to keep the conversation light but eventually it turned to her pregnancy issues and some where along the way I half jokingly told her "Take my husband for a night, I cant stop getting pregnant, The second time the I was on the pill and the third I was back on the pill and using contraceptive foam", I know it was a bit insensitive and I regretted saying it right away but her reaction surprised me, She stopped, Looked at me and said "Don't joke, At this point I would try anything", I had hoped that would be the end of it, We talked about how I felt like my relationship was deteriorating and how my husband and I hadn't "Done anything" in quite a while and were fighting a lot, Eventually the whole conversation turned out to be a huge downer which just made us both drink more.
By the end of the night me and her were sitting at the table and the guys were playing pool when she turned to me and said "Were you serious about letting your husband knock me up?", I was shocked and didn't know exactly what to say, I couldn't say no since I could tell that she had been fighting back tears for the last hour or more, I looked at her and said "I would do anything for you, Its not like me and him sleep together anymore anyway", She asked me to let her talk to her husband first and I agreed thinking that hopefully he would put an end to it, She talked to him and returned, Looked at me, took a deep breath and said "we're in", I had mixed feelings, I wasn't actually upset about the thought of her sleeping with my husband but I also didn't want anything to damage our relationship further or damage mine with her, I already knew I wouldn't have any problem getting my husband on board and when the guys returned to the table my friend took her husband for a walk around the bar while I talked to him, Thank god we were drunk and I just blurted it out, He just laughed and thought I was joking, I finally convinced him I was serious and when my friend and her husband returned my husband looked at hers and asked "You cool with this", they went for a little walk and returned, My husband sat beside my best friend and her husband sat beside me, me and her had already decided that for her husband to agree to this there would have to be something in it for him.
We all agreed we should leave since it was the home town of three of us and I didn't want any rumours about the four of us getting too friendly in the bar, We caught a cab home and pretty much everyone sat silent, When we got to our house it was painfully obvious we hadn't thought this through AT ALL, I was adamant that nothing was happening in the kids rooms and my friend told me she wouldn't be comfortable doing it in my room, as luck would have it our basement was gutted and my husband was renovating it, my husband told me to take our room and he quickly set up a make shift room downstairs, When he came back we all kind of stood around nervously staring at each other then my friend walked up to her husband, Kissed him long and slow, turned around, grabbed my husband by the hand and they disappeared downstairs.

Aug 16, 2016

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  • Your husband doesn't love you. He was willing to have s** with someone who isn't you. Also, you have decided to claim you don't live you husband. By letting someone misintrpret your hole and not saying "Wow, what the f*** is wrong with you?" instead. Also, it is possible that you did not live your husband before then for an additional reason. You were literally willing to say that sentence as a joke. As though it was ever acceptable, normal, or reasonable (to the point of being able to make this style of joke when the intent was not absurdist comedy or screwball comedy, but was instead merely situational) that your husband would or could have s** with somebody other then you, and also that your husband is a s*** who is incapable of Loving any human being. You literally even directly stated that you did not expect him to object.

  • Thats what friends r for i hope her husband f***** you

  • Did you even read what she wrote.

  • He didnt see the 2nd part of the story.....lol

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