I want someone to use WMDs

Honestly speaking, there are so many terrible people in the world. There are so many stupid and bad people in the world. So many losers. There are so many rich people who dont deserve to be rich. And there are so many dumb poor people. Everyone believes they are right. I want one of these countries to use wmds nuclear bombs and just kill off most people. They should begin in India. Its such a disgusting country with s***** traditions. People don't see it. Its really a disgusting country so is Africa. I hate religious people. Those f****** christian apologists are snakes.

I know all of this seems hateful but if you truly believe in education and morality, you will agree with me. Its crazy what is going on out here. And these f****** Mexicans are taking over america. F****** dumb white people are letting it happen. I hate them for it. Mexicans are ruining the education system . They take and s***, thats all they do and have babies. I know people agree with me, I am just more observant than most people. Do a search on India, you will see how f***** up they are. I hate their way of life. They are so f****** weird. Respond to this and ask me a question do u people agree with me or not.. I truly believe that people do agree with me, but we shall see.

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  • You're looking at a very strong likelihood of wars with Russia or China or both, including inevitability thermonuclear war and the annihilation of missions or billions of people -- including US citizens. You have the ruling class to thank for that. They hate you in the same way that you hate others.

    Think this through.

  • Quite literally the only thing I agree with you on is that "everyone thinks they're right." Africa is not a country. I'm pretty sure you're just trolling us. If not, I may need to rethink my faith in democracy.

  • So... did the bleach burn real bad going down, or did you have seconds to get this stupid?

  • You are either joking or crazy

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