Coming out

I never knew that telling my father I was gay would hurt him as much as it did... its not my fault I love who I love! you cant choose who your fall in love with and what s** they are gonna be! can I admit I wanted to kill myself knowing how much it hurt him of course I can the last thing I wanted to do was make him upset with me or him see myself as a failure! some things you just need to get off your chest and this is one of them! not everyones story will end like this but mine sure as h*** did!

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  • Obviously,he would be upset.But,he should still love and support you,as his son.Regardless of your sexuality,he should love you,no matter what.If he doesn't,it's him that has the issues,not you.He should be honoured and proud,that you felt courageous enough,to confront him and confide in him,about your sexuality.Some kids,can't approach their parents at all about these things,incase of being shunned!!

  • It's not your fault that he is feeling like that. just try to show to your father that your are not a failure that you are happy just been who you are and the most important that you been loved.

  • No father wants to hav a pansy son sure hes hurt explaine to him its not his fault your a fairy

  • Of course your father is upset who could blame him

  • This can be scary and confusing for parents, and more so with old school parents, or parents that come from conservative or religious backgrounds. But, speaking as a parent I love my child unconditionally. He's scared your life will be harder. He's scared because he doesn't understand. Thrive, be happy, work hard and he'll see you're the same person you always were. Hold your head high, and love who you love. You can't help it anyway, and you're totally okay just as you are.

  • It is very hard for any parent to hav a son who is so f..... Up

  • WRONG.

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