I'm pregnant

I took a pregnancy test an hour ago. I'm pregnant. According to my calculations I'm 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I called planned parenthood. I have an appointment today with them at 1:10pm to discuss my options. Everything is happening so fast. I'm leaning towards abortion. There aren't any abortion clinics in my city. I'm still early enough along that I can take a pill to have an abortion. I need to get this done asap otherwise I'll have to drive 2-4 hours for the procedure. I hope planned parenthood can assist me.

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  • Do what is best for you. Your body, your choice. Dont live your life how others think you should, life is too short for that.

  • Good luck! I don't blame you for getting an abortion. Take the pill ASAP. The actual procedure doesn't sound like much fun.

  • U took the c*** now live with it

  • Above statment is true u could have given him a detour to ur ass or given him head but u were itchy n p.... Now u must accept

  • You are a f****** dumba*s. How about she gets the abortion, and when she gets to get the job she wants, and becomes a successful scientist, she builds a time machine, so your mom can go back in time and abort you?

  • How about you GFY!!

  • If you're not ready for a kid then do it. if u are ready then dont do it

  • Dont kill think

  • Dumbass.

  • A******.

  • Murder is murder

  • Yes. And thats irelevent since an abortion isn't murder.

  • F****** kill ur self u religious evolutionary footnote

  • Your statement, though attempting to sound clever, makes the assumption that abortion is murder. And if it was, you're implying that all killing is wrong. Let me remind you that humans are savage, and we kill everyday, even for what Americans might consider to be righteous reasons, whether through war, or defense of ourselves, that's just part of life--not something we need rise above, but rather embrace about our humanity.

    Only the poster knows what's right for her situation, no one else here is in her shoes.

  • Sorry if it sounds hard but there is no other way to say it murder

  • Pro life people are dumb dumb dumb read a biology book seriously then if u still feel the same way read it again until u understand that u are made of cells u f****** lose millions of skin cells all the time wtf is the difference between that and a fetus not much accept if u let the one continue to grow it turns into a human but it's not even close to being one at that point

  • Six weeks is a late period. There is nothing to "murder" but an oblivious clump of cells. At this stage it's more like getting a haircut.

    Oh, I hope that truth infuriates some pro-lifer. Like that takes much. LOL

  • I murder millions of my sperm it's pretty much the same as if u catch it soon enough

  • Some loving couple would love your baby but its easier let dr put it in bin

  • She doesn't have to go through the pain of childbirth if she doesn't want to

  • Dont murder a little baby

  • It's not a baby, it's a useless clump of cells. Babies can move and breathe and interact with their environment. A clump of cells cannot.

  • She won't, she is just going to have an abortion. So not murder dumbass. Are you 9?

  • Don't sweat it. Abort it. That's what the procedure is for.

  • You should abort "it." And Goddess forbid if it's a male!! Don't listen to the stupid poster below. Having a baby is NOT good for a woman! Ever see a child birth video?? Gross! The poster below is a man, and pro life, obviously. He has no clue what it's like to have to carry around that evil lil brat for months on end. I have a feeling it will be a boy. In that case, I guess you could have the thing, just to torture it. Remember that lil boys will eventually grow into evil men, and possibly even a misogynist. Most men are evil. Why put yourself thru all of that agony to push out a disgusting, poopey assed lil boy? If I saw that lil Peenus and b****, I'd have to bite and squeeze them. I want to hurt them. Males deserve it. You could even castrate it so it wouldn't be able to rape and hurt women. Castration should be the punishment for rape worldwide!

  • Who is talking about rape she was mad for p**** she got it she should be happy but no if she didnt want baby she could hav taken it up the ass r sucked

  • Whoa that's a feminist and an a****** who is sexist and hypocritical this s*** is wrong your wrong and I hope you get killed in a car accident the world doesnt need people like yoy

  • Its not s*** its true its wrong to kill a baby every woman must decide that she wants a kid b4 she lets a guy ride her bareback

  • Oh. Okay. So you are saying guys can f*** anyone they want, but girls can't unless they want to have children. Think before you speak, you dumbbit*h😂

  • Typical abortionist.

  • Damn just read a f****** biology book first and rethink what youre saying g******* do you even know how cells function in a human body....no not likely

  • Typical r*****

  • Atheist

  • No reason to have the child aborted. Have the baby and give it up for adoption. Having a baby is good for a woman and if you do have the baby your chance of getting breast cancer is cut in half or even less. Gay women have three times the amount of breast cancer simply because they don't get pregnant. Have the kid. You'll never regret it and you'll make some childless family happy.

  • We have found a f****** dumbass b**** who finds 100% of there information in the f****ng bible and on some sexist Christian web sight😂

  • ^You're a f****** idiot.

  • Agreed. Going through the pain of childbirth only to give it up? Makes 0 sense

  • Abort it

  • Are you married? Do you know for sure who the father is? Have you discussed this with him? Will he support your decision? Will he resist it? Are there situations in your life that would make an abortion necessary?

  • Don't listen to pro lifers, but do give some long consideration to this. Pro lifers don't want to kill a human life and yet they take lives of adults. If life matters so much why does a fetus matter more than a wife, mother, friend, sister, brother, father, etc.? They can't be taken seriously. Your body, your choice. Good luck.

  • Real pro-life doesn't support death row, either.

  • Think about what you plan to do could you kill a baby how wil you feel after

  • She won't have a child she doesn't want, so she will feel fine.

  • F****** religion

  • It's not a f****** baby is a single cell mabye hundred cell it doesn't matter any consciousness that's there is is minimal read a f****** biology book u ignorant piece of s***

  • F*** off! It's her decision!

  • Do u know what a cell is if not u might be living in a trailerpark

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