Forbidden fruit

I wasn't ready for how tight her wet push was. This was a women who had been married for several years , had two kids and was a few years older than myself. But I knew of the martial problems that she was having. After all, her husband was my best friend and he confided everything to me. Because of his impotence he and Annie hadn't had vaginal s** in a longtime. They pleased each other as best they could but Annie hadn't had a stiff c*** in her for more than a year. She was incredibly tight. Of course it also helped that I was hung. She had told me that she had never had a c*** as big as mine and wasn't sure she would enjoy it. Seems like she is now. As soon as bill had told me about his impotence i started looking at annienin a whole new light. She was forbidden fruit and knowing how frustrated she must have been and seeing how much bill was gone for work , I knew she was lonely. Annie is beautiful with a gorgeous hot wife body. Bill was nice and in good shape but seeing how he had no c*** to offer her I thought I would help. We flirted a lot and once I even kissed her on the neck. She knew I wanted her but I can understand her trepidation. She wanted to have steamy s** again but didn't want to ruin her marriage. And I wasn't interested in being a home wrecker but I had to tap that ass. Things got of hand at a party one night and she and I ended up making out hit and heavy. I let feel my massive c*** trough my pants just to show her what I had for her. As we could hear people outside the empty room we were in she told me to call her in a couple of days and quickly left. I called her up and she said Bill was out of town for the weekend and she gotten rid of her kids. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this and she said yes. Now in laying on top of this gorgeous older women with my massively hard c*** stretching out her wet c***. I pushed in slowly which made her whole body quiver. She grabbed me tight and let out a squeal as my entire length entered her. I could tell she wancumming . I wanted her to enjoy her o****** so I pumped her nice and easy. She when had finished she commanded me to f*** her hard. I threw her legs over my shoulders and banged the living f*** out of her. Without warning my own o****** started at toes like an out of control wave and erupted inside her. I never knew I could c** that much. I laid on my back out of breath with c** and c*** juice all over my throbbing and spent c***. She wasted no time in licking my d*** up and down. Cleaning every drop of c** , enjoying the taste of her own juices. I had turned her into a wild women. When she was done she climbed on my face and made me clean her p****. It was very sweet. She rode my face until she came again. After a few minutes she was all over me again. Sucking my c*** until it was hard then mounting me she f***** me like an insane cowgirl. Her big t*** flopping wildly and her screams filling the air made me crazy. Inflipped her on her stomach and pushed my massive tool into her ass. I f***** that sweet virgin a****** like a prisoner on crack. She tried to tell me to stop but another o****** swept her away. Then I made her get on her knees with her hot assnin the air. I stretched that t*** out again and almost f***** her into a comma. I lost track of many o******* she had. I could feel myself getting close so I pulled out. This load is for your mouth , i growled . I obeidantly sucked my slippery c*** until I gushed in her mouth. Swallow it all , I commanded and she did. We both fell asleep and woke up hours later. We have become regular lovers and she knows I own that p****. She's a lot happier these days and even bill has noticed. He even said that he didn't know what she was doing but whatever it was to keep it up. Don't worry Bill she will keep it up , she will.

Aug 19, 2016

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