I'm spending all my boyfriends cash so his baby momma can't get a cent from him. He's mine now. I will make sure he never sees his son
I'll give him a better child
We'll be a family
And she'll have to do it all on her own.

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  • He can leave if he wants but he'll never see the child growing inside me (:
    Oh he will pay child support though
    And I will constantly make him feel like he chose one kid over another. But as of now our relationship is going great. I'm getting what I want. This isn't the movies kids. The evil step mom wins .

  • You're a douche. Your attitude is cringe worthy. So, you're not a s***. Like, that's supposed to be some sort of redeeming point? Just says no other guy would sleep with u. They know you're a f****** b**** by looking at you. Your bf is just dumb and the only one who would. He's probably still with the baby mama or someone else. And of course you're smart..get knocked up because you're too dumb to get on birth control. Feel sorry for your child...it has a psychotic, narcissistic, malicious, scheming b**** for a mother.

  • No I could sleep around if I wanted. H*** anyone can. But I fell in love first. And he doesn't have time to be with someone else
    I take up any free time he has. Nice try though.

  • You wouldn't know love if it smacked you in the face. Your poor child (if you are even pregnant) has no chance.

  • I hope you have a stash. because when he`ll see the real you..
    Let`s just hope he doesn`t.
    Good Luck on mining!

  • Aww boo boo the world has some very harsh lessons coming your way. I will share this nugget for you though... you shouldn't want a man that would abandon his own child for a sl*t like you. It just means he'll do the same to you with a newer better sl*t in the future. <3

  • Like to know how I'm a s*** considering he's the only guy I've slept with

  • Good make her learn 2 keep her nickers on

  • Shouldn't be a s**** making an ugly b****** child

  • You need to grow up. You are way too immature, naive, insecure and selfish to even be in a relationship, let alone even think about having children. Have confidence that your bf is with you. Although, one he finds out you're carelessly spending money ..he will leave you. As he should. You really should be ashamed of yourself for even trying to keep a father and way from his child.

  • You may not like his ex,which is understandable.But she'll always be present in his life,because they have a child together.If he doesn't support and provide for his child,he wouldn't be a responsible person/father.
    If the roles were reversed and you was the ex with a child,wouldn't you want the father to share his responsibilities and provide support for his child?
    What sort of person are you,to be malicious towards his child,just because you don't like his ex? Are you insecure within yourself? Dp you think he may pursue,to rekindle a relationship with her or have an affair? What actually is,your problem/concerns?
    His child is innocent and deserves to know/love his father and have him,within his life.You should accept this.If you love your man,you would acknowledge and accept this,as it's the situation and you can't change that.
    What makes you think,you have any control and power over your man,to prevent him from being fatherly,towards his son?
    You should be careful,because you might be the replaceable one.

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