Having to move on

Soooo the father of my unborn child, my current but soon to be ex boyfriend won't block his first baby momma and leave her tf alone. I'm 25 weeks pregnant now and I want us to raise our child together but he refuses not to contact her. I told him if he didn't block her I would move upstate and live with relatives instead. He thinks I'm over it but I'm not. So I've already made plans to move. I'm gonna leave and he'll never meet my child lol should have done what I said. Now you lost the only chick who was there for you and your baby (:
Hope raising someone else's child is fun cause she a hoooooo and you don't even know if that's b****** is yours. I stood by you for too long. Wasted my virginity on you. Like forget this imma take my baby and go boy l**** you dudes so foul and ridiculous.

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  • I am a money magnet. the more I give the quadruple I get back in money.

  • Virginity is worth nothing you dumbass zealot

  • I find it funny how everyone is coming down on the guy for still wanting to have a relationship with his child. Do you all really think its ok for a woman to make him choose one child over another? I personally can't stand women that use the child as a weapon to get what they want. Do this or you will never see the child is disgusting , you are ruining the child's life keeping him from his father. it shows just how immature and selfish you really are.

  • Rather than laws forcing couples to have the baby by making abortion illegal they should have to do an IQ test and a psych test before they are even allowed to carry it out. way too many stupid, useless, thoughtless people around.

  • You don't have to move on you have made a wise decision. you are choosing a better life for yourself and child.

  • My litte b@tch cousin said "oh well I got what I wanted" ie had the baby at 20 she didn't care after that so long as she hurt everyone else around her to get it it was very important to her and rich abusive mother to get that baby and duffer up before her older cousins and so she went around lying about them everywhere so all the towns folk would hate them and she left me childless, man less and friendless and job less and has 2 kids and a man all the excuses in the world to be a w**** b****. and I seen her gaming me last and so lay back and i was thinking well, I hope it ment so much to you dirty little liar because now her kids are haunting her and ghosts come back to get you when you lie. after I was raped she felt she had won it all and left me with zero nothing!

  • Yeh and now her daughters are doing the same thing now since pre puberty.

  • Is her name korhan?

  • You sound very critical of his ex and selfish yourself. you must be young and you didn't mind stealing him from her so what did you expect? you say she is a w**** ? but how would you know, she might think that about you. maybe they have never really been broken up the whole time you have been together deary. you might have under estimated the ties to his ex all the while you thought you were a couple she might have been in the back ground getting some from him and she might think she has just let you borrow him to get you pregnant then he was always going to leave you or make you feel so uncomfortable so that you make the choice to leave because men are great game players they like to have you living in reaction to them rather then living on your gut feelings. he wants you to leave so he is playing you for a fool, they have both probably been having s** and laughing at you the whole time enjoying seeing you lose virginity and get pregnant and then comes the rejection for years phase and they have been laughing s******* at you the whole time love. men do this. and so do bitchy witchy women who don't know how to let go, she will let go when you let go. if you stay in the emotional struggle game she will have you dancing to her tune and if you walk out of it they can't control you. I have been through this where wives and girlfriends and even lesbians have powerplayed me over a guy til I let go then they will becuase they will be afraid you might find someone better and then she will try to out wit you again and again. til you won't care and you can laugh at them. you've been played love. but don't play back just get out.

  • What other things does he do to make you feel insecure? what other abuse patterns have you noticed? how many other women has he had? how selfish is he? he sounds manipulative and egoistic and childish. he is enjoying making you feel insecure that is why he rings her and sees her and wants to go back to her. sounds like you have had a long think and made the decision and acted on it. as hard as it is to leave it might be for the best.

  • Yeh you can't win no matter what you do, I been there, you know when they wanna dump you. you can't win and so just leave.

  • You have to ask yourself if these phone calls are the real issue or is it about your own insecurities? because friends and ex's occasionally do call so do new girls who want your man's attention while you are pregnant they have hot sexy virgin bodies or it could be career business female friends wit money and thin and seeking his attention, you have to align yourself with what is upsetting you like if he might l*** for and they play up to his sexual needs and then you are left out which is not fair or nice. but if you were confident and truly happy in this relationship you wouldn't be thinking about how annoyed you are over what he is doing. is it just your insecurity or real? have you told him how it makes you feel and you need to know if he is 100% committed to you and this baby or not! because other women will want his attentions, even after the baby is born or older, and there are just as many women who don't want your man either and think "well he is your problem you looked for it, you got it, you deal with it" heaps of women won't want your man and heaps of women will want your man. that is the ratio its probably about 50/20 so that is 70% and the rest are probably indifferent and like "well do what you like I am doing my own thing I leave when I want". he can't be that good that every woman wants him, you're not that good that everyone would want the man you l*** over. that is a fact of life. if he can't grow up and think of your needs and most men don't have the ability to think of anyone else's needs but their own. they don't have a maternal drive and some women exploit that and are just as selfish. striking when you are insecure dreaming of a better place and better face to wake up to.

  • You have wasted time and virginity on a weak man who doesn't want to or doesn't know how to be a real man, a real man is a real father and doesn't fool around or molest kids and get them pregnant. a real man is responsible. you might have wasted those things but don't waste your future on him as well. you are going to need support from someone however during the last trimester and birth and after baby is born so if you have family to turn to now is the time to get their support with your parents or friend or relatives or church etc. you must take care of you and your baby, that is number 1.

    have you considered relationship counseling ? would he go with you to relationship counselling or pre-natal classes etc does he want to be there for the birth at all? does he ever say what he wants with you and his baby or is it just all the time about him him him him selfish him? because if you don't get help in the relationship now he could get worse. what is the worst thing that could happen here? becuase some women do take men back after affairs ? some want to move on the better life and better quality of man as well. you might meet a lovely businessman or a wonderful male nurse or a hot pre or post pregnancy fitness male trainer or a pharmacist male that will care about you and your baby. you might find your inner strength as well, and go to univerisity and end up a corporate success with a child and re-marry some nice scientist or bank manager.

  • Well let the btch of a man go back to his momma to sook up like a child, sounds like he is regressing to babish state with the baby due and its bringing up unresolved issues from his past relationship when that baby was born. he might have a pattern of behavior of doing this with a string of women he gets pregnant and playing games. sounds like he cant handle that you are the one who needs that extra support right now being pregnant and medically preperation to give birth etc and then take care of a new baby, it sounds like to me he doesn't have much maturity to provide for you nd the baby or give you support or be a proper father without hanging in the past with his former lover. i am just wondering if that is the attraction that the ex's kid is not actually his? is it a girl or boy? because men have been known to leave a woman for a younger pre-teen s** pot tweeny of 12 and set up a daddy/electra sexual relationship and the partner could be such a w**** she is supporting that out of revenge to you.
    you are better off without him. and I wouldn't trust him with the baby if he is a kinked man over s** like that if you have a girl.

    why does it bother you that he speaks to her? i mean are you that insecure and think that he is getting s** from her while you are pregnant and involved with the baby that he is so childish he needs to run to a ex for s** rather then be a provider to you and the baby?

    if you can't hack that he calls her then leave. make a new life for yourself far away.

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