School bus masturbation

I road the bus in a very small area in Kansas. My sister and I were the last to be dropped off and highschooler had to sit toward the back. My sister was sick and I the last highschooler left. I slid my hand in my pants and started to rub myself. I knew by how wet I was it would not take long to c**. There were only two people left beside me and the driver and they sat up front because they were younger.

I unzipped my pants and started to finger myself. I was really enjoying myself knowing I might get caught. I slid down a little bit in my seat, pulled my shirt up and let my 15 year old b**** out. So there I was fingering myself with my b**** out windows open going down the road on the bus. I finally cam and zipped up my pants. There were a few miles until my house and I road the rest of the way home with my b**** out in the sun. I did like watching them jiggling on the bumpy dirt road. My stop can and I pulled my shirt down and got off the bus. The driver said tell your sister to feel better and drove away. It was very fun.

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  • Have you done this again?

  • That was years ago in the mid 2000's. But I have masturbated in my office at work

  • What area of Kansas? Northwest? Northeast? Southwest? Southeast? Central?

  • ........ southeast

  • Just wondered am in south west and it just kinda sounded like a southwest kinda story or at least I guess I was wishing it was lol

  • Tomorow put cucumber up ur a******

  • U need a real c*** soon

  • Time you had boyfriend

  • Next time take the hand of boy next 2 u to help

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