Flashed a cop

I got pulled over today. It was a young cop, mid-twenties, around my age. I was flirting with him trying to get out of the ticket. I thought I had him. I pulled my shirt and bra up and showed him my b****. He gave me the ticket anyway. I have awesome b****. Guys love them. My friend calls them supermodel b****. He looked at them and gave me a hundred filler ticket. I was going six miles over the speed limit. Give a girl a break.

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  • Aww, does the poor widdle bimbo not like being treated like everyone else? Might as well start learning now how life will be for you when your rack no longer gets you into or out of anything you want.

  • Four months ago I got out of a speeding ticket big time giving the trooper a BJ and swallowing his cu m. I was doing over 165 in a 55 zone. I have met him six times since and we're going to his cabin at a lake near here this week end. Just can't say no to him.

  • Do the crime pay the time. Speed kills just accept your wrong and pay the b***** fine. Then perhaps you won't do it again!!

  • Older sister did this a bunch of times, and it never failed..

  • You sound like a s***, But that's f****** hot. lol.

  • You sound like a bogan. Laws are there to give us guidelines. Getting off on some bimbo flashing her t*** to a cop to avoid a fine is disk dude.

  • Give her a break. A lot of my female friends have talked about trying to flirt or cry their way out of a ticket.

  • It's not fair. Men can't get out of tickets by flashing their d***.

  • She did not get off. She should be fined for attempting to avert the cause of justice.

  • Haha, I would let you get away with it. Is it big? I might have even let you f*** me in the back of your car. And it would be so damn hot.. god my p**** is so wet right now

  • Troll !

  • Was he wearing a body camera? If so you didn't just flash him. You flashed everyone at his precinct.

  • You should have started crying. I usually works for me.

  • I think you just got mauled by autocorrect. Might want to give thing a reread before you post. :-)

  • Pervert.. #1, Get Over Your Freaking Self.. Look, I am gifted too with a awesome, oversized, artfully circumcised P****. It is truly a work of art.. Dames absolutely adore it & become addicted to it after it completely fills them & copiously e********* my s**** to their core.. The point is we all have assets, which is part of what makes us diverse. You need to grow up & use your dumb b****** for what they were intended for ; i.e. sexual attraction & spreading your legs rather than futile attempts to bait law enforcement.. 's more like you need to give US a break girl..

  • The guy was obviously gay. How does a self-respecting hetero EVER resist a flashjob????!!? If you want to flash me, I'll pay the ticket for you! :)

  • The way you write & butcher the language, you must be about 14.. I'll give you a break on the immaturity factor however you better get back to the books & do your homework now junior..

  • ^yet another f**^

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