Last night my sister, Her husband and I got pretty drunk, my brother in law and I have a really good relationship and get along really well, Its kind of a playful teasing relationship, I have big b**** and my sister doesn't, jokes are always made about my b**** being in the way when I bump into him or my sister or either of them into me, If I spill something or pretty much any reason one of them can blame something on my b****.
I was standing in the kitchen and my sister squeezed past me bumping into my b*** with her shoulder, She playfully reached over and softly punched me in the b*** saying "Jeepers, Keep those things contained", We both laughed and I said "Be more careful, they need their own space", She laughed and said "don't worry, When you have kids they will have their own space, Tucked into your pants", I said "yeah, Well that's not gonna be anytime soon".
A few more jokes were made about my b**** throughout the evening and I said something about my sister being jealous of my b****, We joke a lot and all of us are really close but she has not seen my b**** since I was probably 15 and barely had b****, She said something about big, ugly b**** and I defended my b**** by telling her they were not ugly and I have never had any complaints, We were just joking around and it was all fun and games.
My brother in law has always been a perfect gentleman and I am totally comfortable around him, We spend lots of time together with just the two of us and I have never even questioned a comment, a look, a touch or anything from him, For some reason which I don't remember him and my sister were playfully arguing about braiding hair and since my sister has kind of short hair it became my job to let him braid my hair, He sat behind me and started braiding my hair, My sister said something about him being able to see down my shirt and he laughed, I'm still not sure how it came about but my sister somehow talked me into flashing my b**** for some reason I thought it would be a good idea, I reached behind my back, Unclipped my bra and pulled up my shirt and bra, we were all laughing and my sister said something to her husband about "What do you think" or something, Out of the blue he reached around, cupped my b**** and bounced them in his hands, He stopped and squeezed them while looking over my shoulder and then I leaned forward pulling away and pulled my shirt and bra down.
I expected my sister to freak but she just laughed and so did he, As I fixed my shirt and bra he went back to braiding my hair and when he was done said "See, He stood me up, spun me around so my back was to my sister which put my b**** right in his face, I looked down at him and he was staring right at them, I shuffled away and sat in another chair, We continued drinking and having a good night and nothing was said about him touching me, My sister seemed fine when we went to bed and in the morning everyone was good, They seemed to be getting along fine and he seemed totally normal toward me.
I tried to act normal but feel kind of awkward around him, I hope it didn't cause any issues between them and hopefully this feeling passes for me, I love that we are all so close and are totally comfortable around each other and don't want to be the reason that gets ruined.


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  • You flirt with a guy and then when he responds you act like your a victim? Why should you feel awkward when you have basically been looking for that type of attention.

  • I'd love to duck those lovely t***

  • They want a 3sm, are you up for that. I would have f***** them as soon as he felt my t***

  • He wants to have s** with you, and your sister is ok with it

  • Whoa, that's hawt. I wanna try writing erotica! I was watching tv with my sister and sister-in-law when they 'accidentally' touched b**** well I c***** my 15 inch d**** and n***** I f***** every inch of that f***** m******** in tthat f******* m******** cuz I like her b****** g******. F*** a*** groaning and sweating every thrust of c******* down that c**** c******. Yow!

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